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No Crime If Teacher Disciplines Child With No Bad Intention: HC – By Irineu Gonsalves

No Crime If Teacher Disciplines Child With No Bad Intention: HC – By Irineu Gonsalves

In a landmark judgement, the High Court of Bombay at Goa, held that an act of a school teacher with no mala fide intention, to correct a child in school is not an offence. “If teachers are under fear while correcting children, it would be difficult, specifically maintaining discipline.”

I’m of old school. I still believe in the dictum ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. Punishment is needed to maintain discipline. Call it corporal punishment or whatever. Back in my days in 1970’s it would mean a solid rap on the knuckles of both hands or a knee-down punishment just outside the classroom so that all other students of the school would get to see. You either felt publicly humiliated and make correction to never repeat your mistake. I’m sure those students are thankful to teachers who had slapped them and showed them the right way. Our parents never questioned the school when it came to discipline. With the new norm

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Aires Demands Probe Into Ribandar Hill Cutting

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today demanded a thorough inquiry to ascertain and fix responsibility on those having contrary to rules and regulations issued that unlawful permission for that massive hill cutting at Ribandar. Commending Town & Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane for having promptly inspected the site and issued appropriate

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Goa Police Cracks Sessions Court Theft Case, Accused A Lawyer From Valpoi Arrested

Panjim: The Panjim police has cracked the theft case reported in the District and Sessions Court, Altinho-Panjim, by arresting a lawyer from Valpoi on Thursday. Panjim police arrested Mujahid Shaikh, a resident of Muslimwaddo, Valpoi, a lawyer by profession for allegedly committing the theft. A complaint was registered after Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Judge

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RTI Reveals That No Procedure Was Followed In Selecting Head Of GSRF

The selection of Chairman for the Goa State Research Foundation was done without following the established procedure and protocol. This has been revealed in the information obtained by Adv. Aires Rodrigues under RTI from the Directorate of Higher Education. The documents reveal that despite

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Catholic News

Aide Recounts Benedict’s Last Words

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words were “Lord, I love you,” his long-time secretary said, quoting a nurse who helped care for the 95-year-old former pontiff in his final hours. Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, a German prelate who lived in the Vatican monastery where Benedict took up residence

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Giant Of The Catholic Faith Holy Father Benedict XVI Has Left The World To Go To The Lord

Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, the Bavarian-born theologian whose conservative Roman Catholicism earned him the nickname “God’s Rottweiler” and who shocked his flock by suddenly resigning the papacy after just eight years, died Saturday, the Vatican said. He was 95 and was the hour of the need for the Catholic Church. The Holy Father has left a big gap

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World News

Fake Indian Godman Asaram Bapu Gets Life Imprisonment For Raping Women

Ahmedabad: A court in Gandhinagar on Tuesday sentenced self-styled godman Asaram Bapu to life imprisonment in a rape case filed by a former woman disciple in 2013. The court noted that Asaram sexually abused the victim younger than his daughter and committed a “very serious crime” against the society that should be punished “to the fullest extent” to prevent

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Adani, World's Third-Richest Man Is Accused Of Pulling The Largest Con In Corporate History

The world's third-richest man has been accused of pulling of the 'largest con in corporate history' through the Indian-based Adani Group corporation. US investor Hindenburg Research, which has begun short selling the conglomerate through bonds, conducted a two-year probe into head Gautam Adani, who is worth $125billion

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World Cup 2022 Comes To An End With Argentina Defeating France In Penalty Kicks

Qatar: After four weeks of Qatar, Argentina has been crowned the World Cup champion, beating France on penalty kicks Sunday in what will be remembered as one of the great finals of all time. World cup 2022 in Qatar finally comes to an end and the fans and spectators are now on their way home. Lionel Messi is a world champion for the first time

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Croatia & Argentina Beat Out Brazil & Netherlands From World Cup In Penalty Shootouts

Qatar: Argentina beat Netherlands in an incredibly dramatic quarter-final at the World Cup, with Lionel Messi and his teammates triumphing 4-3 on penalties after a mesmerising 2-2 draw in 120 minutes, while Croatia thrashed out Brazil from world cup 2022 after equalizing 1-1 with penalties going in their favour. Both Brazil and Netherlands are out and on their way home

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    Chitra Afonso : Very true Irineu bab .As a teacher we have so many difficulties to have discipli Read Article >>

    MdG : This makod’s parents gave him a nice name Mujahid. Arabic for one who fights f Read Article >>

    Francisco : Not a NUT but a stupid nut who - even if he saw that CCTV camera - may have thou Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : This lawyer is a good supporter of Jr. Rane. The booty was huge and through some Read Article >>

    MdG : Mental re.tard, who makes such shit lawyers? Define irony, Father -son and now Read Article >>

    Rupesh Pednekar : A very lovely article. Having read this article, yes I agree to the author\'s sa Read Article >>

    Milton Rodrigues, G.I. : Good article but I was wondering what the point was … until I read the very la Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Don't worry Aires the culprit has been arrested. He is Mujahid Shaik a resident Read Article >>

    MdG : -Headlines-Adani loses 100 billion dollars in one week! MdG makes his black ton Read Article >>

    MdG : All bull shit, simple rule, he was ANTI MODI AND PAID THE PRICE In other words, Read Article >>


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Konkani Baxechi Vatt Laupi Nagorvale – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Az Febrerachi 4 tarik. Goeam khatir itihasik dis. Punn tea itihasachem Goenkarank motteponn nam. Az Goeam khatir obhimanacho dis. Punn Goenkaran tea obhimanak mohotv divpachi khuxi nam. Az, 1987 vorsa, Konknni Goenchi Rajbhas porgottlolo dis. Punn Goenkarank hea disachem vhoddlem-xem ani vegllem-xem

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Osmitiaecho Orth Khobor Nasleli DKA – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Inglezintlean ek mhunn’nni asa – ‘Nero was fiddling while Rome was burning.’ Mhonnche, Roma xara lastanam, mon’xanche ani zon’varanche porian churchure korinastanam, sogllea toramni nixtur (cruel) aslolo Nero raza khoim songit vazoitalo! Krista Uprantchea 64vea vorsa, gormiechea disamni Roma xar so

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Asmitai – Kovi: Manoj Narendra Kamat (Fondem – Goem)

Goenchi asmitai
Veglleponnan ful’leli
Her rajya poros

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अस्मिताय - कवी : मनोजनरेंद्रकामत (फोंडें - गोंय )

गोंयची अस्मिताय
वेगळेपणान फुल्लेली
हेर राज्यांपरस

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कातोल्क धर्मांचो खांबो बेंथो सळावो पाप सायब अंथरलो

गंवळीक बाप बेंथो सळावो, जल्मललो बावारिया गांवांथ, आनी जावन आल्सो खर धर्मीक जाका एक नावं पडलेलें “गोड'स रोटवेइलेर”, जाणें संवसाराक ओज्यापायललो, आपलो राजिनामो दिवून तो आयज सण्वारादीस ह्या संवसाराक पाट करून समिया सर्शीं पर्तून घेलो. ताची पिराय जावन आसा ९५. संवसारांत सगल्यां वन चड जियेललो गंवळीक बाप बेंतो जावन

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4 पुलिसांनी वकिलाचेर शारिरीक हल्लो केल्ल्यान निलंबीत केल्ले पुलीस

पोणजे: वकील गजानन सावंटाचेर जाल्ल्या हल्ल्या संबंदी गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी मंगळारा पोर्व्हरीम पुलीस स्टेशनाचेर जोडिल्ले चार पुलीस निलंबीत केले. ह्या प्रकरणांत गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी निश्क्रीय केल्ल्या आरोपांत व्हड प्रमाणांत वकीलांनी निशेध केल्ल्या एका दिसा ही कारवाय जाली. रिबांडरांतल्या गुन्यांव शाखा कार्यालया भायर तांणी जमून ह्या हल्ल्यांत आस्पाव आशिल्ल्या आरोपी पुलिसांक

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Das Relações E Do Tempo – Por Henrique Salles da Fonseca

Diz-se que uma relação é biunívoca quando cada um dos dois (e, por isso, bi) elementos se relaciona essencialmente com o outro. Ou seja, nenhum dos elementos existe sem o outro. No mesmo grau de intimidade, admitamos a existência de relações pluriunívocas

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Abundam As Tendas Dos Sem-Abrigo Nas Noites De Lisboa

Vivem debaixo da ponte, a de São João dos Portais, no cruzamento da Mouzinho de Albuquerque com a Infante D. Henrique, em Lisboa. Umas 25 pessoas, nove serão imigrantes, dormem em tendas iglu. A razão principal é a falta de trabalho, o que para muitos se deve a dependências e problemas mentais.

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Comissões Diocesanas Receberam 26 Queixas De Abusos

O ex-procurador-geral da República José Souto Moura revelou, em Fátima, que as Comissões Diocesanas de Proteção de Menores receberam, até este sábado, 26 participações de abuso em todo o país. Segundo o presidente da Equipa de Coordenação Nacional das Comissões Diocesanas e Castrense

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Para Onde Vais Campo Pequeno? – Por Manuel Peralta Godinho E Cunha

Na realidade não se compreende como se pode modificar o nome à Praça Monumental do Campo Pequeno, assim conhecida em todo o mundo taurino. Houve tempos – depois das revoluções – em que os governos de Portugal trocaram os nomes tradicionais de avenidas, ruas, pontes, etc. Assim aconteceu

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