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The Neurosurgery Dept At Gmc Pioneered By Dr V N Jindal Celebrates 40 Glorious Years - By Aires Rodrigues

The Neurosurgery Dept At Gmc Pioneered By Dr V N Jindal Celebrates 40 Glorious Years - By Aires Rodrigues

The Neurosurgery department at the Goa Medical College completes forty glorious years. Dr V.N Jindal must be credited with giving birth to the Neurosurgery department and remarkably over the years taking it to immense heights from scratch. What started with four beds and no equipment, the Goa Medical College is today one amongst only twelve hospitals in the country having Super Specialty training in Neurosurgery.

On the 31st July 2014, Dr Jindal retired as the Dean of Goa Medical College after his long and magnificent association with one of Asia’s oldest medical colleges. He needs to be commended for the wonderful combination of both professional and personal attention that he has been rendering with passion and empathy to every patient

Goa - Current Affairs

Ex-Legislature Ramakant Khalap & Radharao Gracias Voice Out To Save Madei

Panjim: Former legislators of the Goa legislative assembly on Monday voiced out to save river Madei, and the precious lands of Goa for prosperity. Even former MLAs such as advocate Ramakant Khalap and advocate Radharao Grarcias offered to be part of the legal team of the state government over the Madei issue free of cost

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Velsão Residents And Landowners Have Expressed Dismay Over Double-Tracking

Velsão: Velsão residents and landowners have expressed dismay over the rampant double-tracking related works carried out by the RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd) in Velsão. The villagers and the Goencho Ekvott members have alleged that the work is being carried out on private properties without any land acquisition

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Terrorists & Minorities Haters RSS Is Not Govt Remote Control As Per Bhagwat

Panjim: Indicating that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is not functioning as a remote control (of any government), RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday said that the Sangh does not have remote control of anyone as many believe. “The RSS prepares Swayamsevaks to serve the society

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Catholic News

Aide Recounts Benedict’s Last Words

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words were “Lord, I love you,” his long-time secretary said, quoting a nurse who helped care for the 95-year-old former pontiff in his final hours. Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, a German prelate who lived in the Vatican monastery where Benedict took up residence

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Giant Of The Catholic Faith Holy Father Benedict XVI Has Left The World To Go To The Lord

Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, the Bavarian-born theologian whose conservative Roman Catholicism earned him the nickname “God’s Rottweiler” and who shocked his flock by suddenly resigning the papacy after just eight years, died Saturday, the Vatican said. He was 95 and was the hour of the need for the Catholic Church. The Holy Father has left a big gap

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World News

Supreme Court Of India Says Religious Conversion Shouldn’t Be Given Political Colour

New Delhi: Observing that religious conversion is a serious issue which should not be given a political colour, the Supreme Court on Monday sought the assistance of Attorney General R. Venkataramani on a plea seeking direction to the Centre and states to take stringent steps to control fraudulent religious

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Communal BJP Govt Of India Set To Oust Muslim Families In Hill State

New Delhi: Hundreds of people in India’s hill state of Uttarakhand have been congregating every afternoon in Haldwani demanding that the demolition process ordered over their homes and dwellings in the area be stopped, which authorities have claimed to be “illegal encroachments”

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World Cup 2022 Comes To An End With Argentina Defeating France In Penalty Kicks

Qatar: After four weeks of soccer.in Qatar, Argentina has been crowned the World Cup champion, beating France on penalty kicks Sunday in what will be remembered as one of the great finals of all time. World cup 2022 in Qatar finally comes to an end and the fans and spectators are now on their way home. Lionel Messi is a world champion for the first time

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Croatia & Argentina Beat Out Brazil & Netherlands From World Cup In Penalty Shootouts

Qatar: Argentina beat Netherlands in an incredibly dramatic quarter-final at the World Cup, with Lionel Messi and his teammates triumphing 4-3 on penalties after a mesmerising 2-2 draw in 120 minutes, while Croatia thrashed out Brazil from world cup 2022 after equalizing 1-1 with penalties going in their favour. Both Brazil and Netherlands are out and on their way home

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    Reinaldo Sá : Bustard goans want to kill wife. Read Article >>

    AnonReader : The husband was jobless for NINE years?! This statement contradicts the main art Read Article >>

    Menino de Valpoi : From the news just received from Goa, it is learnt that the father got frustrate Read Article >>

    MdG : Nice, some positive news, in this sea of gloom and doom Brought back fond mem Read Article >>

    Menino Fernandes : Yes you are right Ignatius bab, but I have not blamed her I have only used IFs a Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Mel and Menino bab, I am sorry, wife is not to be blamed. I checked with my frie Read Article >>

    Rupesh Pednekar : This govt is made up of all chors. The main leader of the chors was manohar parr Read Article >>

    Menino de Valpoi : Yes Mel bab, I agree with you, killing two innocent children and committing suic Read Article >>

    MdG : First They Came- by Pastor Martin Niemöller First, they came for the Communi Read Article >>

    MdG : Very sad..absolutely repugnant and there's no justification, to take the lives o Read Article >>


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Viz Poddlem – Bor: Justiniano Fernandes

Okosmat zogllavnnem marun, amchea gorabear viz poddlem.
Ani amchea modlem, mogachem mannik, virgollun gelem.
Konnench chintunk nam, amcher odruxtt kosllot mhonn oslem

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Zanttim Amkam Kiteak Molachim? – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Zanttie piraien ventoll ghala hacho faido gheun, duensan tea bapaik chopkeak dhorlo. To azun-ui tea duensachea chopkeantlean suttonam. Tachie piraiecho niall kelear, to fuddem suttcho-i nam. Punn tachie familik – putak ani sunek – mat to hea sonvsarantlo, zata titlie vegim suttlolo zai. Kiteak tankam

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Novea Vorsacho Nicheu: Romi-Nagri Bhau-Bhau, Deva Pau! – Bor: Lino B. Dourado

‘Electronic’ madhiomantlean Konkanichem kitlem sumar ekcharachem boreponn zalam, tachem koslench informasanv mevonam. Punn, halinchea kallant Konkanintlean puskoll ‘WhatsApp’ pongodd, olbeam porim ful’leat tem mat sert. Vichitr mhollear, he ‘WhatsApp’ pongddamni, Konkanichem chodd

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कातोल्क धर्मांचो खांबो बेंथो सळावो पाप सायब अंथरलो

गंवळीक बाप बेंथो सळावो, जल्मललो बावारिया गांवांथ, आनी जावन आल्सो खर धर्मीक जाका एक नावं पडलेलें “गोड'स रोटवेइलेर”, जाणें संवसाराक ओज्यापायललो, आपलो राजिनामो दिवून तो आयज सण्वारादीस ह्या संवसाराक पाट करून समिया सर्शीं पर्तून घेलो. ताची पिराय जावन आसा ९५. संवसारांत सगल्यां वन चड जियेललो गंवळीक बाप बेंतो जावन

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4 पुलिसांनी वकिलाचेर शारिरीक हल्लो केल्ल्यान निलंबीत केल्ले पुलीस

पोणजे: वकील गजानन सावंटाचेर जाल्ल्या हल्ल्या संबंदी गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी मंगळारा पोर्व्हरीम पुलीस स्टेशनाचेर जोडिल्ले चार पुलीस निलंबीत केले. ह्या प्रकरणांत गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी निश्क्रीय केल्ल्या आरोपांत व्हड प्रमाणांत वकीलांनी निशेध केल्ल्या एका दिसा ही कारवाय जाली. रिबांडरांतल्या गुन्यांव शाखा कार्यालया भायर तांणी जमून ह्या हल्ल्यांत आस्पाव आशिल्ल्या आरोपी पुलिसांक

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कोलवाले पुलिसांनी थिवे हांगा व्हड प्रमाणांत भाडेकार सत्यापन ड्रायव्ह चलयली

पोणजे : कोलवाले पुलिसांनी शेनवारा औचितवड्डो थिवे हांगा भाड्याच्या सत्यापनाची व्हडलीशी मोहीम हातांत घेतली आनी वळखपत्रां दाखोवंक नाशिल्ल्या सात जाणांक अटक केली आनी तांची हालचाल दुबावीत आशिल्ल्याचें दिसून आयलें. ‘लाला की बस्ती’हांगा जाल्ले मोहिमेंत सुमार 43 जाणांक गोळाक लायले. भाड्याच्या सत्यापनाचे फॉर्म भरूंक नाशिल्ल्यान तांकां पुलिसांक

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João Manuel Pinto De Saída Do Comando Técnico Da Ad Machico - Por Daniel Faria

O treinador da Associação Desportiva de Machico, João Manuel Pinto, está de saída. As razões do término de vínculo entre o treinador e o clube prendem-se com um alegado interesse de um clube estrangeiro, comunicou há momentos o clube machiquense. "A Associação Desportiva de Machico comunica

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Lula Da Silva Garante Que Invasores ‘Vão Ser Punidos’ De Forma Exempla

Lula da Silva garantiu, este domingo, que os "fascistas fanáticos" que invadiram o Congresso, o Palácio do Planalto e o Supremo Tribunal Federal, em Brasília, "vão ser punidos". O presidente brasileiro falou num gesto "antidemocrático" e "sem precedentes na história do país" e por isso

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Freedom – Por Henrique Salles Da Fonseca

Miami tem cerca de dois milhões de habitantes, metade dos quais é constituída por imigrantes. Destes, parte substancial é de refugiados cubanos e seus descendentes. Diz-se que 80% da população de Miami fala espanhol, mas há irredutíveis de ambos os lados: 20% de anglófonos só fala a sua língua materna

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Morreu Santa Padre Bento XVI, O Papa

Vaticano: O Papa emérito Bento XVI morreu neste sábado, aos 95 anos, no mosteiro Mater Ecclesiae, no Vaticano, onde vivia há cerca de dez anos. Bento XVI , cujo nome de batismo é Joseph Ratzinger, foi eleito para presidir os destinos da Igreja Católica em 2005, sucedendo a João Paulo II. Renunciou em 2013, sendo desde então Papa

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