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Most Of The Roads In Goa Lead You To Hell – By Savio Pinto

Most Of The Roads In Goa Lead You To Hell – By Savio Pinto

Believe me; most of the roads in Goa lead you to hell! Be it a state or national highway, you are bound to see the hell driving you all the way. Whether it's two or four wheelers or a heavy vehicle, you are bound to witness the tragedy in the making because there is total negligence of any driving sense. The common sense of driving in fact makes the best sense which has gone for a toss in Goa. But those who chase time while driving is making others’ lives miserable indeed. Irrespective whether one is literate or illiterate, the driving sense has to muster the common sense when driving down the Goan roads. The potholes or uneven surfaces are just other goosebumps which many times add to the misery.

Building roads or highways is any governments’ priority no doubt about it, and the commuters go gaga over it once it's thrown open. But how these roads are built is a million-dollar question. The question arises because there is no authorised supervision nor there is any quality check of the

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Goa’s Worst Coward, Pramod Sawant Pledges To Donate His Organs, A Fake Pledge

Panjim: Goa chief minister coward Pramod Sawant on Thursday announced that he has pledged to donate his kidney, liver and cornea as part of a nationwide campaign by the Communal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to promote organ donation. Appealing to the people to come forward and donate their organs, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday pledged

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Director General of Police Goa, Calls Canadian Embassy’s Advisory Malicious

Panjim: Goa’s Director General of Police (DGP) Jaspal Singh on Thursday said that as far as Goa is concerned, the Canadian Embassy’s advisory to its citizens, particularly women tourists to be cautious while visiting Delhi and Goa is malicious, malafide and not based on facts and appears to have been issued on account of extraneous reasons

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Pramod Sawant Said Quality Of Tourists Needed And Not Quantity

Panjim: "We have seen the consequences of 'quantity tourists' coming to Goa. Goa is currently overfull...Getting 'quality tourists' will benefit everyone... from shack owners to taxi operators. If we want quality tourists, we have to provide quality services." Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant on Friday said Goa needs to attract “quality tourists” and avoid the consequences

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Catholic News

Statue Of Mary Untouched In Earthquake That Demolished Cathedral In Turkey

Turkey: A statue of the Virgin Mary was untouched after the collapse of a Catholic cathedral in an earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, inflicting heavy damage with a death toll already exceeding 6,000 and leaving thousands more injured. The image of Our Lady was unharmed in the quake that brought

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Aide Recounts Benedict’s Last Words

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words were “Lord, I love you,” his long-time secretary said, quoting a nurse who helped care for the 95-year-old former pontiff in his final hours. Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, a German prelate who lived in the Vatican monastery where Benedict took up residence

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World News

India Had Been Riding A Geopolitical High, But It Comes To The UN With A Mess On Its Hands

New Delhi: The Group of 20 Summit, hosted by India earlier this month, couldn’t have gone better for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His pledge to make the African Union a permanent member became reality. And under his leadership, the fractured grouping signed off on a final statement. It was seen as a foreign policy triumph for Modi and set the tone for India as a

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Indian Police File False Criminal Charges Against Four Manipur Journalists On Orders Of BJP

Guwahati: Indian police in Manipur state have filed criminal charges against four journalists, accusing them of misrepresenting facts in a report about the violent clashes between two ethnic groups earlier this year. The four were senior journalists working on a report for the Editors Guild of India that was seeking to assess how coverage of violence in the state

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World Cup Player & Finalist Just Fontaine Dies At 89

Paris: Just Fontaine, the all-time top scorer in a single World Cup finals with 13 goals, has died aged 89, his family told AFP on Wednesday. Fontaine achieved the record in the 1958 finals in Sweden where France reached the semi-finals for the first time in their history, losing to Pele's Brazil. Part of a wonderful attacking trident at that World Cup alongside Roger Piantoni

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World Cup 2022 Comes To An End With Argentina Defeating France In Penalty Kicks

Qatar: After four weeks of Qatar, Argentina has been crowned the World Cup champion, beating France on penalty kicks Sunday in what will be remembered as one of the great finals of all time. World cup 2022 in Qatar finally comes to an end and the fans and spectators are now on their way home. Lionel Messi is a world champion for the first time

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    joao barros pereira : What do we do with quantity tourists? Can we wish them away? Build campgrounds a Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Mel bab, it's hard to digest yr clarification. There is a saying in hindi "dos Read Article >>

    MdG : Good move by Ghatti Sawant, Only small hitch, he has to die in order to donate Read Article >>

    MdG : Bab Ignatius Thanks to Dr Willy, I knew quite a few there . Had quite a few fre Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Mel bab, as per my observations on your present and previous comments, it seems Read Article >>

    MdG : Unrelated news , but wrt decaying A lil birdie in GMC chirps that Sudin Dhavlik Read Article >>

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    MdG : Bab AR, Booze is available in abundance in Gua Gujarat. Depending on your budget Read Article >>

    Anonymous the VIII : How can the house be of Remediana Castanha? She's from Curtorim, house illegall Read Article >>


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Jivitantlem Ek Xobok ! – Bor: Enclidas De Elly, (Sompadpi Cine Times Potracho)

Jivit mojem mojeach paulanim choltalem,
Aste aste jivit unchaiek paulem,
Oxem ghoddot mhunn kednanch chintunk naslem,
Nanv mojem sounsarak gazunk laglem

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Quo Vadis Firgozkara? – Bor: Fausto Visitacao DaCosta

Maiachie 29ver, Holy Trinity firgojent ghoddlia ti boreachi gozal nhoi. Borea monachea kristanvamni hachi ninda korunk favo. Ami khubdam onnbovlam... Amam kristanvank sompounk vikhachi goroz nam. Amkam amich. Konn nitt ani konn guneanvant asa te vixim ami choukoxi korunk sodinant... Punn zo 'mob' thoim ekttovlo

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Wrong Number! Tiatrak Vochumia Faleam – Bor: Lino B. Dourado

Don’parchem jevonn zal’lem. Lapittachi ghorkarn’ khattir bosun, kedov porian ‘WhatsApp’-ar ailole son’dex topastali. Dusrie vatten amcho ixtt Lapitt, tiatrachia jairatin pan polletalo. Kitem tori tachie nodrek disti poddlem ani tannem soroll mhollem. “Tiatrak vochum-ia nhoi FALEAM?”

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अमानूश - कवी : मनोज नरेंद्र कामत (फोंडें - गोंय )

कितलो स्वार्थी आसचो
तुवें मनशा!
म्हाका हांगा
मरणाचे धडेर सोडून

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गोंय - घटक राज्य - कवी : मनोज नरेंद्र कामत (फोंडें - गोंय )

गोंय म्हजें सैमाचे
सोबितकायेन फुल्लेलें
गोंय म्हजें गोंयकाराच्या

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अस्मिताय - कवी : मनोजनरेंद्रकामत (फोंडें - गोंय )

गोंयची अस्मिताय
वेगळेपणान फुल्लेली
हेर राज्यांपरस

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Goan Cuisine


Cultura Indo-Portuguesa – Por Henrique Salles da Fonseca

O Estado Português da Índia existiu desde 1510 a finais de 1961. Foram 451 anos de convivência intercultural a que deveremos acrescer os anos que antecederam a criação oficial do referido Estado e os anos que já decorreram desde a sua extinção de facto até ao presente. São, praticamente

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Cultura Portuguesa da Índia – Por Xavier Ataíde Herédia ·

A pitanga é o fruto da pitangueira (Eugenia uniflora L.), dicotiledônea da família das mirtáceas. Tem a forma de bolinhas globosas e carnosas, de cor vermelha (a mais comum), laranja, amarela ou preta. Na mesma árvore, o fruto poderá ter desde as cores verde, amarelo e alaranjado até a cor vermelho-intenso

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Os Portugueses Destruíram Os Templos, Apagaram Os Seus Sinais: Goa CM Sawant

Pangim: SACANAGEM CONTRA OS PORTUGUÊSES: O ministro-chefe de Goa, o maior mentiroso, um animal RSS comunitário Pramod Sawant, afirmou que os portugueses começaram a destruir templos e a prática cessou depois que assinaram um pacto de paz com os Marathas

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A Fragata D. Fernando II E Glória – Por António Bessa Carvalho

A Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória é o último navio exclusivamente à vela da Marinha Portuguesa e a última “Nau” da “Carreira da Índia”, verdadeira linha militar que durante mais de 3 séculos fez a ligação entre Portugal e aquela antiga colónia. Foi também o último grande navio a ser construído no estaleiro

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