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Goa Has Lost Its Charm And Is Not The Goa Anymore – By Pamela Bordes

Goa Has Lost Its Charm And Is Not The Goa Anymore – By Pamela Bordes

Well as a Non Goan - I can say Goa has lost its charm. It used to be a great place competitive with foreign holiday destinations. I, amongst several mature holiday and travel enthusiasts am honestly not attracted to it anymore. I don’t see Goans anywhere. its only full of North Indians and south Indians. very difficult to get authentic Goan food. Most places stink. I used to like goa for its picturesque Portuguese homes, not its all replaced by ugly buildings where "investors" want to Airbnb it.

The charm of Goa rests in its "laid back" village beach side image. If greedy Indians want to commercialize and profit from this paradise

Goa - Current Affairs

Need For Another Movement By The People Of Goa To Protect Goa

Panjim: Senior statesmen, political analysts, advocates and activists have reasserted the necessity of agitation (within the ambits of law and the constitution) to save Goa from the degradation of governance and civil liberties. Let's start with the BJP media department in-charge Premanand Mhambre, who asked

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Uday Bhembre: Crores Of Rupees Are Being Spent On Defectors Who Betray The People Of Goa

Panjim: Senior public intellectual and former MLA, Uday Bhembre on Tuesday lamented that crores of rupees of people’s money are being spent over the last nearly two years to fight the case of the eight rebel Congress MLAs, who switched over to Bharatiya Janata Party

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Shripad Naik Allocated Power and New & Renewable Energy Portfolio

Panjim: Union Minister of State Shripad Naik, who was allocated Power and New & Renewable Energy portfolio in Modi 3.0, has been a regular face in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government since he was elected as MP for the first time in 1999. After he was elected from North Goa Parliamentary constituency in 1999, Naik was inducted as Minister

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Catholic News

Feast Of Prince Of Miracles Saint Anthony of Lisboa (Padua)

Saint Anthony was born Fernando Martins in Lisbon, Portugal. He was born into a wealthy family and by the age of fifteen asked to be sent to the Abbey of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, the then capital of Portugal. During his time in the Abbey, he learned theology and Latin. Following his ordination to the priesthood, he was named guest master and was responsible for the

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An Almost Forgotten Part Of The Fatima Apparition's Story – by Rev. Fr. David Okolie

*AMELIA* remains a popular name that is equally associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition to the three young shepherds of Fatima. She was a friend to the youngsters but had already died before our Lady's apparition. Since these youngsters had the privilege of discussing

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World News

Farage: Wales Shows What A Labour Government Will Do, Amidst A Let Down

London: Wales shows what happens to a country when Labour is in charge, Nigel Farage has said as he launched his party's version of a general election manifesto. Reform UK launched its "contract" with voters in Merthyr Tydfil on Monday - Mr Farage said he chose the location because he said Wales had been been

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BJP Appoints Bhupender Yadav As Poll Incharge In Maharashtra

Bombay: The BJP on Monday appointed Union minister Bhupender Yadav as the poll incharges for the Maharashtra assembly elections. Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw will be his co-incharge in the western state, where the party’s last performance during the Lok Sabha elections was

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Germany’s Ace Player Andreas Brehme Dies Of Cardiac Arrest At 63

Berlin: Andreas Brehme, who has died of a heart attack aged 63, was one of the finest wing-backs of his generation, solid in defence and consistently threatening in attack; his greatest moment came when he scored the late penalty that won the 1990 World Cup for West Germany against Diego Maradona’s Argentina

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World Cup 2022 Comes To An End With Argentina Defeating France In Penalty Kicks

Qatar: After four weeks of Qatar, Argentina has been crowned the World Cup champion, beating France on penalty kicks Sunday in what will be remembered as one of the great finals of all time. World cup 2022 in Qatar finally comes to an end and the fans and spectators are now on their way home. Lionel Messi is a world champion for the first time

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    Gilbert Anthony Lawrence : Those solitude-seeking visitors to Goa and those who dislike the crowds have opt Read Article >>

    AnonReader : This Punjabi ghantti trash has no business talking about the ghanttification and Read Article >>

    AnonReader : All useless blathering from oldies who turned a blind eye (or even applauded) wh Read Article >>

    AnonReader : Once again the obsolete Bamonn tries to cover up the part he played in Goa\'s pr Read Article >>

    Menino Cardozo : Thank You, Adv., your fearless awareness helps us to understand the present situ Read Article >>

    Shivdas Naik : To renovate the social and political face of our smart region called GOA, such i Read Article >>

    Rupesh Pednekar : Yes, these Goykar MLAs are all chor, only want to make money. The man who ranks Read Article >>

    Moderator : Dear Sir Ignatius, Sir AnonReader, We have managed to get on board what the a Read Article >>

    AnonReader : What photo is the author talking about? The only photo attached to this article Read Article >>

    AnonReader : Someone please inform the unqualified (her PhD is in an unrelated subject, but s Read Article >>


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Maim Bhas Konkanik Visvasak Ghat – Bor: Augustine Coelho

Goem vegllo prant zatolo zalear Goenchi Rajbhas khoinchi tem spoxtt korchi goroz asli. Porot anink ek pavtt futt modem ubi Goenkaram poddli. Thodde Goenkar, je Opinion Poll- ant harlole, te apli avoy bhas Moratthi mhonnunk lagle, ani tich bhaxechi Rajbhas zaunk magnni keli. Niz Goenkar, zannim Opinion Poll-ant

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Benett Paes- Ek Gunnest Boroupi – Bor: Isidore Alexander Dantas

Benett Paes hannem boroupi mhonn nanv melloilam. Tacho zolm Saxttichea Osollnnem ganvant Marsache 7ver 1933 vorsa Tomas Aquino Benito Pais nanvan zalo. Tachem mullavem xikop Purtugezintlean Segundo Grau, uprant Osollnnechea St Anthony iskolant Inglixint zalem. Uprant to Belgaumchea St Paul iskolant

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KID BOXER- Ek Gunnest Tiatrist – Bor: Isidore Alexander Dantas

Kid Boxer hea tiatristan khoddegant kantaram gavpant toxench vinodi patr korpant nanv melloilam. Tacho zolm Bardezantlea Siole ganvant Caetano Manuel Pereira nanvan Fevrerache 17ver 1917 vorsa zalo. Tachea bhurgeponnantlea mosteponnak lagun taka Kid Boxer hem nanv laglem. Solla vorsanche piraier to Mumboi

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कापिल्लें झाड कवी : मनोज नरेंद्र कामत ( फोंडें - गोंय )

आयज तें निमाणें झाड
ह्या झाडांत लिपिल्लो
व्हड इतिहास

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कातोल्क धर्मांचो खांबो बेंथो सळावो पाप सायब अंथरलो

गंवळीक बाप बेंथो सळावो, जल्मललो बावारिया गांवांथ, आनी जावन आल्सो खर धर्मीक जाका एक नावं पडलेलें “गोड'स रोटवेइलेर”, जाणें संवसाराक ओज्यापायललो, आपलो राजिनामो दिवून तो आयज सण्वारादीस ह्या संवसाराक पाट करून समिया सर्शीं पर्तून घेलो. ताची पिराय जावन आसा ९५. संवसारांत सगल्यां वन चड जियेललो गंवळीक बाप बेंतो जावन

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4 पुलिसांनी वकिलाचेर शारिरीक हल्लो केल्ल्यान निलंबीत केल्ले पुलीस

पोणजे: वकील गजानन सावंटाचेर जाल्ल्या हल्ल्या संबंदी गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी मंगळारा पोर्व्हरीम पुलीस स्टेशनाचेर जोडिल्ले चार पुलीस निलंबीत केले. ह्या प्रकरणांत गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी निश्क्रीय केल्ल्या आरोपांत व्हड प्रमाणांत वकीलांनी निशेध केल्ल्या एका दिसा ही कारवाय जाली. रिबांडरांतल्या गुन्यांव शाखा कार्यालया भायर तांणी जमून ह्या हल्ल्यांत आस्पाव आशिल्ल्या आरोपी पुलिसांक

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Goan Cuisine

Galinha Cafreal

Clean the chicken, slit it a little on stomach side remove the inside, wash the chicken well, apply salt and the sour like juice and keep aside. Grind the chillies, peppercorns, garlic to a fine paste and apply (inside and outside) to the chicken. Allow it to marinate for 1 or 2 hours. Then apply butter to the chicken

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Dogmas Vs Realidades – por Henrique Salles da Fonseca

Realidade – O trabalho, por si só, não tem qualquer valor: o trabalho é um factor de produção que só vale em função da acção que exerce sobree os demais factores de produção. Caso estes faltem, o trabalho cessa e o trabalhador baixa os braços e pode ser dispensado

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Cap. Jorge Trólóró - Resquícios Da Faina Maior – por Ana Maria Lopes

Em tarde de mudança de planos, voltei a este homem do mar, que sempre ficou em suspenso. Queria registar algo da sua biografia, mas nunca consegui grandes elementos. Há já uns anos, identifiquei uma senhora na Residencial do Casci, que sabia ter sido sua nora, mas, ao interpelá-la com custo

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5 De Maio, Dia Mundial Da Língua Portuguesa – por Joaquin Da Fonseca

A data de 5 de maio foi oficialmente marcada em 2009 pela Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (CPLP) – organização intergovernamental, parceira oficial da UNESCO desde 2000, que reúne pessoas que têm a língua portuguesa como um dos alicerces

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Heróis Do Mar: Submarino Da Marinha – Por Marinha Portuguesa

O submarino Arpão iniciou trânsito para norte e no dia 29 de abril começou a escrever mais uma página, na já significativa história dos submarinos da classe “Tridente”, iniciando com a passagem pelo mítico paralelo 66º33’N, que marca a fronteira do Círculo Polar Ártico, algo que à semelhança

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