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Heavy Curbs Imposed On HGVs To Ease Traffic Jam On Mandovi Bridge

Heavy Curbs Imposed On HGVs To Ease Traffic Jam On Mandovi Bridge

Panjim: In order to ease heavy traffic congestion on the roads leading towards the Mandovi bridge, occurring due to the closure of Atal Setu, the north Goa collector Mamu Hage issued an order on Tuesday restricting the movement of heavy and multi-axel vehicles coming from Sawantwadi side towards Panjim on NH66 and from Banastarim side towards Panjim direction from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. until March 27.

Due to the lack of holding spaces along NH66 from Patradevi to Porvorim, the collector ordered that heavy and multi-axel vehicles be stopped at Banda (Maharashtra) and that traffic heading from the Banastarim side towards Panjim be diverted via Banastarim bridge

Goa - Current Affairs

Silly Souls: Final Arguments Heard & Judgement Reserved

Panjim: Goa Chief Secretary Punit Goel today concluded hearing final arguments on the appeal filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues against the order passed on October 20th last year by Excise Commissioner Narayan Gad in the case pertaining to the controversial ‘Silly Souls Café and Bar’ in Assagão allegedly

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Hearing Against Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar To Continue On 27 March

Panjim: The Justice V.K Jadhav Commission of Inquiry probing the Land grabbing in Goa today adjourned to March 27th further hearing the complaint against Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar of having grabbed land admeasuring 1,48,800.00 sq. mtrs situated at Village Dhargal in Pernem of which Mapusa based Rawloo Khalap

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Goa Observes World Water Day, Good News Trickled In On Water Conservation

Margão: As the state observed the World Water Day, good news trickled in on water conservation and its security in the long run. The water resources department said it has embarked on a massive drive to carry out geotagging of wells across the state. The fresh efforts on water conservation come on the heels

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Catholic News

Statue Of Mary Untouched In Earthquake That Demolished Cathedral In Turkey

Turkey: A statue of the Virgin Mary was untouched after the collapse of a Catholic cathedral in an earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, inflicting heavy damage with a death toll already exceeding 6,000 and leaving thousands more injured. The image of Our Lady was unharmed in the quake that brought

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Aide Recounts Benedict’s Last Words

Vatican: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words were “Lord, I love you,” his long-time secretary said, quoting a nurse who helped care for the 95-year-old former pontiff in his final hours. Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, a German prelate who lived in the Vatican monastery where Benedict took up residence

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World News

How Tipra Motha helped Bjp Scrape Through In Tripura

Tripura: In Tripura, the results of the Assembly elections would seem to indicate that the incumbent BJP-IPFT alliance comfortably won getting 33 seats in the 60-member House, and garnering about 40% of the vote share. Their seats have come down from 43 in 2018, and vote share too has dipped from 51% last time

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Woman Killed & Stuffed In Mattress By Live-In Partner In Maharashtra

Nalasopara: A37-year-old man from Maharashtra’s killed his live-in partner and stuffed her body in a mattress. A case has been registered at Tulinj Police station in Palghar district. According to sources, the victim, Megha Shah’s (40), decomposed body was recovered from a flat from Vijay Nagar area of Nalasopara in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, the police said

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World Cup Player & Finalist Just Fontaine Dies At 89

Paris: Just Fontaine, the all-time top scorer in a single World Cup finals with 13 goals, has died aged 89, his family told AFP on Wednesday. Fontaine achieved the record in the 1958 finals in Sweden where France reached the semi-finals for the first time in their history, losing to Pele's Brazil. Part of a wonderful attacking trident at that World Cup alongside Roger Piantoni

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World Cup 2022 Comes To An End With Argentina Defeating France In Penalty Kicks

Qatar: After four weeks of Qatar, Argentina has been crowned the World Cup champion, beating France on penalty kicks Sunday in what will be remembered as one of the great finals of all time. World cup 2022 in Qatar finally comes to an end and the fans and spectators are now on their way home. Lionel Messi is a world champion for the first time

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    Ashwin Xavier Savio Cardoso : Mr pramod needs to go back to where he came from...Dotor is a fator without comm Read Article >>

    Menino Fernandes : Sanjeev had sent me many writings in Konkani devanagiri script. He knew me perso Read Article >>

    Bomu Kale : Very sad to hear, may his soul rest in peace Read Article >>

    MdG : Governor (blue) Pill-lay is an ex RSS and BJP Pressident of Malluland/ lungi lan Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Yes Mel bab, Eknath Sawant is a scapegoat, the land mafia was behind the forest Read Article >>

    Bhumiputtar de Goa : Piers corroded? Bhiupachi goroz nam. Veghinche veghim 100 Cr.+ moddun ami te no Read Article >>

    Bhumiputtar de Goa : PAISA FEKHO, TAMASHA DEKHO. Read Article >>

    MdG : Thanks for the kind words, Bab Ignatius In life we can’t change people or cha Read Article >>

    Ignatius Dias/Agassaim : Mel bab, sometimes I just wonder why person of yr calibre is working in UK. If I Read Article >>

    MdG : Eknath.. Sawant that’s what they caught, Bab Ignatius? Some Ek-NUt just to f Read Article >>


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Adle Fell Atanche Khell - Lino Baptista Dourado

Adlea fellant denvchar-raksachi patr astali
Bhurgim babddim bhouch bhietalim
Adlea fellant bhatkar-munddkar astale
Gaudi-Kunbi, savkarak zhupatti ditalim

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Amcheah Paim-ar Kuradd! – Bor: Lino Dourado

Tunvem nistem dilear, tum taka ek dis khavoitolo. Taka nistem marpak vo gorounk xikoilear, to jivitbhor khatolo. Oxem tumi khoim tori vachlam astolem. Rikamo vell sarunk, adim amche zantte toxe tornatte zallam gheun nodint ani doriant masli martale. Gori gheun nistem gorounk vetale

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Konkani Baxechi Vatt Laupi Nagorvale – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Aiz Febrerachi 4 tarik. Goeam khatir itihasik dis. Punn tea itihasachem Goenkarank motteponn nam. Aiz Goeam khatir obhimanacho dis. Punn Goenkaran tea obhimanak mohotv divpachi khuxi nam. Aiz, 1987 vorsa, Konknni Goenchi Rajbhas porgottlolo dis. Punn Goenkarank hea disachem vhoddlem-xem ani vegllem-xem

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अस्मिताय - कवी : मनोजनरेंद्रकामत (फोंडें - गोंय )

गोंयची अस्मिताय
वेगळेपणान फुल्लेली
हेर राज्यांपरस

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कातोल्क धर्मांचो खांबो बेंथो सळावो पाप सायब अंथरलो

गंवळीक बाप बेंथो सळावो, जल्मललो बावारिया गांवांथ, आनी जावन आल्सो खर धर्मीक जाका एक नावं पडलेलें “गोड'स रोटवेइलेर”, जाणें संवसाराक ओज्यापायललो, आपलो राजिनामो दिवून तो आयज सण्वारादीस ह्या संवसाराक पाट करून समिया सर्शीं पर्तून घेलो. ताची पिराय जावन आसा ९५. संवसारांत सगल्यां वन चड जियेललो गंवळीक बाप बेंतो जावन

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4 पुलिसांनी वकिलाचेर शारिरीक हल्लो केल्ल्यान निलंबीत केल्ले पुलीस

पोणजे: वकील गजानन सावंटाचेर जाल्ल्या हल्ल्या संबंदी गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी मंगळारा पोर्व्हरीम पुलीस स्टेशनाचेर जोडिल्ले चार पुलीस निलंबीत केले. ह्या प्रकरणांत गोंयच्या पुलिसांनी निश्क्रीय केल्ल्या आरोपांत व्हड प्रमाणांत वकीलांनी निशेध केल्ल्या एका दिसा ही कारवाय जाली. रिबांडरांतल्या गुन्यांव शाखा कार्यालया भायर तांणी जमून ह्या हल्ल्यांत आस्पाव आशिल्ल्या आरोपी पुलिसांक

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Goa Vendo Bem, Aqui Somos Todos Portugueses – Por Revisitar Goa

"Nascer do SOL", 18 de maio 2022. Invasão? Libertação? Ambas as palavras foram usadas até ficarem gastas. Na Goa de hoje já ninguém está disponível para discutir essas minudências. Se cada vez são menos os que falam português, cada vez são mais aqueles que possuem passaportes

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Morreu O Antigo Ministro Das Finanças João Salgueiro

Lisboa: João Salgueiro, antigo ministro das Finanças no governo de Pinto Balsemão (entre 1981 e 1983), morreu esta sexta-feira, aos 88 anos, anunciou a Presidência da República. "Portugal perdeu hoje um dos seus mais brilhantes economistas da segunda metade do século XX", afirma Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

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Das Senhoras E Dos Seus Tempos – Por Henrique Salles Da Fonseca

No consulado do Doutor Salazar, a economia de subsistência era vista mais como uma virtude cristã do que como um índice subdesenvolvimento e as pessoas trabalhavam até morrerem. Segurança Social? Havia umas «Casas do Povo» e umas «Casas de Pescadores» para as quais os respectivos “beneficiários” descontavam

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Plano Da Habitação: Alojamento Local Já Trava Contratação

Começaram os preparativos para o funeral, ainda sem data anunciada. António Costa ditou esta semana o fim da emissão de novas licenças de Alojamento Local (AL), com a exceção dos alojamentos rurais em concelhos do interior do país sem pressão urbanística. A Associação do Alojamento Local

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