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Need For Another Movement By The People Of Goa To Protect Goa
Wednesday - Jun 19, 2024
Panjim:  Senior statesmen, political analysts, advocates and activists have reasserted the necessity of agitation (within the ambits of law and the constitution) to save Goa from the degradation of governance and civil liberties.

Let's start with the BJP media department in-charge Premanand Mhambre, who asked “Who needs second revolution? In and every sector there is proliferation of illegalities and you cannot blame the government alone. Different people have different reasons as per change of time. For some it is selling Goa. People are grabbing land of fellow Goans, who are living outside the country or abroad. This is going on rampantly."
Former MLA Adv Radharao Gracias argued, “We do need a revolution, but it’s a misnomer to call it a second revolution. Now it is really too late to have a revolution, because Goa is no longer Goa. Revolution had to come from Goans. But now Goans are a small minority. Goans are ready to sell themselves to the highest bidders," he said. He added, "There has never been a revolution in Goa. And Goa’s freedom did not come because of a revolution or a movement. It came because the Indian Army marched into Goa and evicted the Portuguese. Something which even the Supreme Court of India confirms by its judgment of March 1969,” Adv Gracias said.
Adv Cleofato Coutinho opined, “Today, I find that in the entire country there is a scorn for intellectuals. The civil society is suppressed. The press is become an appendage of the government. In such a situation, a people’s movement is required.”  Adv Coutinho further stated “The revolution has started in some way with the results of the 2024 General Election which has curtailed the power of the government.”
Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE) general secretary Olencio Simoes said, “From 2016 people are opposing the Port expansion. More than 90 village panchayats passed resolution that they don’t want coal transportation and nationalisation of rivers. Even then the Centre and the State are not listening to the people. “When we protest, cases are filed against us,” he said. "So, the question is whether absentees want a second revolution or those who are grabbing their lands,” Mhambre said.
Political analyst Trajano D’Mello said, “People are frustrated on many issues. There is no trust in the leader who spearheads any agitation on any issue because people believe that all leaders have a hidden agenda for their political motives." Social activist Swapnil Sherlekar said, “We desperately need second revolution. It was Tuesday when 18 June 1946 revolution started at Margao. It was on Tuesday when Goa was liberated on 19 December 1961. So Tuesday, (18 June 2024) is auspicious to start second revolution.”

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Thursday - Jun 20, 2024
All useless blathering from oldies who turned a blind eye (or even applauded) when 77 IQ ghanttis started flooding into Goa last century (even during Portuguese rule). Demographics is Destiny. Low-level government officials (panchayat and municipality) would first have to cancel Voter ID of all ghanttis for any improvement to take place (no more election of corrupt politicians for freebies without migrant votebank), then government should demolish slums and send the ghanttis home (automatic decrease in crime rate and garbage problem), demolish all illegal constructions of ghanttis (start with the illegal shrine built by ghantti Melvani this century under a tree near Campal Clinic in Panjim) so that ghanttis have zero cultural say in Goa, fix the official language to Konkani in Roman script so that there's zero ghantti influence in education and government, and so on. The root cause of Goa's problems is that ghanttis outnumber Goans in Goa, Goa is the only state where migrants outnumber natives.
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