Friday, June 21, 2024
Niz Goenkar
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Goa Has Lost Its Charm And Is Not The Goa Anymore – By Pamela Bordes
Thursday - Jun 20, 2024
Well as a Non Goan - I can say Goa has lost its charm. It used to be a great place competitive with foreign holiday destinations. I, amongst several mature holiday and travel enthusiasts am honestly not attracted to it anymore. I don’t see Goans anywhere. its only full of North Indians and south Indians. very difficult to get authentic Goan food. Most places stink. I used to like goa for its picturesque Portuguese homes, not its all replaced by ugly buildings where "investors" want to Airbnb it.

The charm of Goa rests in its "laid back" village beach side image. If greedy Indians want to commercialize and profit from this paradise
The Truth About The Facts – by Rosario F. Rodrigues
Monday - Jun 17, 2024
Journalism is a service to democracy; the news is important, and those who provide it have a responsibility. It provides knowledge to people to make better decisions about their lives and society. This post is to pay respect and celebrate the dedicated service of all the Journalists listed in the photo. Here I seize the opportunity and wholeheartedly applaud Mr. Rajan
Europe Grappling With Refugees And Illegal Migrants - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Jun 17, 2024
The United Kingdom and Portugal are great and beautiful countries. With abundant natural resources and being very progressive in all fields. However, both these countries, like many other European nations, are currently grappling with the alarming problem of refugees and illegal immigrants. Their governments
Labourers Brought Down To Goa Tukaram One Of Them – by Blandino Viegas
Saturday - Jun 15, 2024
Arrey Tukaram Manoj Parab, in the beginning and immediately after so called liberation of Goa in 1961 there was shortage of labour in Goa and migrants were brought from UP the bhaiyas to work at Harbour docks. You could see all over Vasco docks and railways side white topiwala bhaiyas. Goa Government did not give them flats for accommodation. Poor bhaiyas built huts
Railways Have Improved In The Long Run – by Arun Baba Naik
Friday - Jun 14, 2024
I understand railway services in India have improved over the years. Many of these run-on times as well. However, I am reminded of a funny incident that happened at a station where the railway would always arrive late - sometimes by hours. One day the station master received a call from
Ribandar Going Through A Nightmare – by Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Jun 12, 2024
The brazen digging of roads in Ribandar has been going on for over a year. There has been dust pollution galore with the residents stranded with the never-ending unplanned and very substandard Smart City works posing a grave health and safety hazard. A matter of great concern as the well-being
2024-The Election Year - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Jun 9, 2024
Around the Globe this year, perhaps we are seeing more voters than ever in the general elections. At least 64 nations besides the European Union are witnessing elections. In fact, almost half the world’s population are voting nationally this year. With many countries including India having concluded the election process, all eyes now shift to the Parliamentary elections
Intent Of OCI Card Must Keep Evolving - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jun 1, 2024
Currently as per the Government rules, Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders can pursue seven professions in India. They are Advocates, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Architects and Chartered Accountants. Besides those with OCI are also eligible for appointment as teaching
A Big Thank You From London - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 26, 2024
May I personally thank each one of you for your kind birthday wishes today on my 64th. In the last over one year, there has been a radical change in my personal and professional life. I have always dreamt of being a Global Goan, and hopefully, with your blessings, my once far dream may soon be a reality
Sorrowing Lies Our Ribandar - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - May 22, 2024
It is very distressing and deeply anguishing to see the very alarming state of the roads in Ribandar. Our roads were already in dire straits when I saw them last two months ago and was hoping that the sad state of affairs would improve. But contrary to hopes and high expectations, the situation has
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