Monday, February 6, 2023
Niz Goenkar
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Ribandar Hill Cutting Must Be Probed - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Feb 6, 2023
There needs to be a thorough inquiry to ascertain and fix responsibility on those having contrary to rules and regulations issued that unlawful permission for that massive hill cutting at Ribandar. We need to commend Town & Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane for having promptly inspected the site
No Crime If Teacher Disciplines Child With No Bad Intention: HC – By Irineu Gonsalves
Monday - Feb 6, 2023
In a landmark judgement, the High Court of Bombay at Goa, held that an act of a school teacher with no mala fide intention, to correct a child in school is not an offence. “If teachers are under fear while correcting children, it would be difficult, specifically maintaining discipline.”

I’m of old school. I still believe in the dictum ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. Punishment is needed to maintain discipline. Call it corporal punishment or whatever. Back in my days in 1970’s it would mean a solid rap on the knuckles of both hands or a knee-down punishment just outside the classroom so that all other students of the school would get to see. You either felt publicly humiliated and make correction to never repeat your mistake. I’m sure those students are thankful to teachers who had slapped them and showed them the right way. Our parents never questioned the school when it came to discipline. With the new norm
A Farcical Official Language Day - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Feb 5, 2023
It took a much-sustained agitation, with even loss of some lives in that battle to ensure that Konkani was recognised as the Official language of our State. Every 4th February is merely symbolically being observed as the Official Language Day of Goa. Very sadly successive Governments have not been sincere and serious in promoting Konkani as the official
When One Advocate Blemished Us All - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Feb 4, 2023
The theft by an Advocate of Court property including gold and currency has taken our legal profession to a very new low. It is perhaps for the first time in Goa’s history that an officer of the Court has dared to stoop so low knowing fully well the serious consequences of his insane act
Keep It Goan: The State Is Charmingly Different, So Let’s Keep It That Way – by Jug Suraiya
Friday - Feb 3, 2023
People ask me why I keep going to Goa but don’t buy a place of my own there. My reply is that it’s because I like Goa so much that I don’t want to own a piece of it. If I did such a thing, as so many non-Goans are doing, Goa will lose its distinctive charm, its Goan-ness, which is what makes it so attractive for me. Goa has changed almost unrecognisably since Bunny and I first
Goa Evolving As Nation’s Crime Capital - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Feb 2, 2023
With burglars having dared to step into the Temple of Justice at Panaji, they have ventured into their last possible destination of crime. After all, the burglars never opt for the Secretariat or Legislative Assembly to commit a theft as some of their partners in Crime are at those citadels of Power
Zero Tolerance To Hill Cutting And Landfilling Is The Need Of The Hour - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Jan 31, 2023
With political blessings we are witnessing rampant hill cutting and filling of low-lying fields across Goa. All this is happening in connivance with the various governmental authorities who are conveniently turning a Nelson’s eye to all these environmental violations
Death Of Joy And His Two Kids Can No Longer Remain A Mystery - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Jan 31, 2023
The tragic circumstances in which our Candolim brother Joy Fernandes and his two dear children departed earlier this month was so very heart-breaking. That the Police have not been able to crack this case is further distressing. Joy’s grey laptop which was his personal one has to date not been found, so also his mobile. Was his personal diary found? On 19th December
Let Goa Not Be Sacrificed On Madei! - Elvidio Miranda
Monday - Jan 30, 2023
The BJP government in India is inebriated with the politics of power at any costs throwing responsible governance to the winds. The statement by the Home Minister that the Madei water dispute is resolved is solely in order to win in the Karnataka elections. The Home Minister is trying to play a double role for the purpose of political gains
CM Pramod Sawant Must Resign Over The Madei Fiasco - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Jan 30, 2023
It is outrageous that the BJP has dared to fool Goa and Goans even on the very crucial Madei issue. It comes as no surprise that the expected devious politrik has been exposed, so it’s imperative that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant apologizes to the people and gracefully puts in his papers. Pramod Sawant has failed not only on the Madei issue but on all fronts to govern
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