Monday, October 2, 2023
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Most Of The Roads In Goa Lead You To Hell – By Savio Pinto
Sunday - Oct 1, 2023
Believe me; most of the roads in Goa lead you to hell! Be it a state or national highway, you are bound to see the hell driving you all the way. Whether it's two or four wheelers or a heavy vehicle, you are bound to witness the tragedy in the making because there is total negligence of any driving sense. The common sense of driving in fact makes the best sense which has gone for a toss in Goa. But those who chase time while driving is making others’ lives miserable indeed. Irrespective whether one is literate or illiterate, the driving sense has to muster the common sense when driving down the Goan roads. The potholes or uneven surfaces are just other goosebumps which many times add to the misery.

Building roads or highways is any governments’ priority no doubt about it, and the commuters go gaga over it once it's thrown open. But how these roads are built is a million-dollar question. The question arises because there is no authorised supervision nor there is any quality check of the
Cardinal’s Whip, Bad Taste, Smells Diabolic Plan Of The RSS Take Over Goan Clergy – by Oscar Ferrao
Tuesday - Sep 12, 2023
It doesn't sound that simple as a Famous catholic Businessman from the north having lots of attached garbage of corruption and linked to the BJP and RSS writes an open letter to Cardinal Fillip Neri Ferrao to act against the priest sighting citations from the cannon law to punish the Priests And pronto the Cardinal Acts on the letter. In both the cases the Priest were right as
The Rising Star Of Benaulim – By Oscar Ferrao
Monday - Sep 11, 2023
Warran Alemao needs no introduction, a personality filled with love and compassion for the poor. Having lost his father at a tender age he grew up facing hardships of life. His uncle used his goodness to their advantage and often he used to play second fiddle while doing all the groundwork for uncle Churchill
Panjim City Is Decaying With The Mess That Is Created – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Sunday - Sep 10, 2023
Very sad to mention that Panjim city has already turned into a mess and slowly this city is seen decaying. The footpaths and the roads are in most pitiable condition and tiles seen lifted as pedestrians are unable to use these footpaths for their daily walk. Obstruction of trees on these footpaths is another problem. Even these fallen trees are been lying unattended for days
Redevelopment Of Old City Buildings - By Stephen Dias
Tuesday - Aug 29, 2023
Many buildings in the capital city of Panaji might be in need of redevelopment as these structures may not be in very good condition, especially as most of them are 50 years or older and thus in need of redevelopment. However, considering that several matters as regards reconstruction of the same have to be addressed
Spate Of Road Accidents A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Aug 26, 2023
The continuing loss of precious lives on a daily basis on account of road accidents is a matter of great concern. Undoubtedly, over speeding coupled with rash and negligent driving is the major cause for accidents across Goa. Drunken driving is also taking the toll. Despite seeing precious lives being lost
When A Priest Lost His Reputation For His Creative Choreography – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
“If the Archbishop's house ignores the acts of St. Peter at Chicalim, I mean the issue of Fr. Bolmax, then Judas was not wrong to kiss Jesus and sell Him for 30 pieces of silver.” To uphold the unique principles of the Teachings of the Catholic Church; Dr. Fr. Bolmax Pereira should be kept under suspension under Can. 1333 §1 and Can. 1334 §2; these are one of the
May Our Goa See A Tranquil Kew Garden - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Aug 8, 2023
My visit to Europe was very amazing and a real eye opener. The interaction with my Goan brothers and sisters was so heartwarming. In those few days it gave me an opportunity to meet and converse with my fellow Goans while feeling their pulse and understanding their feelings. The time was so short, but it was my endeavour to meet up and interface with as many people
What Does It Take For A Goan To Change His/Her Heart? – By Savio Pinto
Monday - Jul 31, 2023
“As we witness the mess of governance in Goa, a very worrisome question arises to my mind and I ask myself as to how long are we going to suffer at the hands of the present government? But above all I further ask, “What does it take for a goan to change his/her heart?”
The Environment Should Be Our Biggest Concern - 0By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Jul 30, 2023
We all owe it to mother nature to do everything possible in protecting our environment. We all need to do our bit to save our environment from further degradation. The time has come for us all to introspect what we can do individually and as a community to heed Mother Earth’s fervent pleas to mankind seeking that we do what we can to salvage our crumbling
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