Friday, June 9, 2023
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SC Should Support Those Abiding Verdict – By Stephen Dias
Monday - Jun 5, 2023
While the deadline of 30th June is fast approaching for linking of the Aadhaar card with the Pan Card for Income Tax purposes, it may be feared that like the Government is using CBI and the ED to target political rivals, that the Income Tax Department may use their ability to keep under surveillance those
Monday - Jun 5, 2023
This is the last chapter in the life of Lusitania’s greatest hero Admiral Afonso de Albuquerque (AAA: 1453-1515), viceroy of the eastern colonies (1509-1515), and the first duke of Goa. His story was too recent and not widely known to be featured in the literary works of the famed English playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616). AAA’s true-life story
Passing The Buck Is Abdication Of Responsibility - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Jun 5, 2023
Panjim MLA Babush Monserrate’s statement that the Panjim Smart City works currently underway are substandard is very belated. An attempt to hoodwink the residents of the capital city who have been bearing the brunt for the last many months. Wasn’t it the very same Babush Monserrate who not very long ago had the audacity to claim that the Smart city
Goans, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee! – by Savio Pinto
Sunday - Jun 4, 2023
“Those who don’t walk the talk have no moral right to preach others. A babbler’s cry should not be mistaken to be a soothing tryst with our destiny. And one such is our very own CEO who has been constantly spreading falsehood in his speeches. Today, people are anxious and worrisome of how our once beautiful state has been mishandled in the name of development
Communal Elements Creating Trouble In In Portugal - By Shefali Singh ( Lisbon).
Saturday - Jun 3, 2023
Communal elements have started raising an evil head and destroying peace in Portugal. There are close to 70,000 Gujaratis in Portugal. First of all, one wonders why these Gujaratis are in Portugal when Gujarat is the most developed place in the world. Sometime in Mid-May a communal group tried to create problem by Filming the Kerala story Movie in Lisbon?
Smart City Funds Not Utilized Prudently – By Stephen Dias
Thursday - Jun 1, 2023
The money allocated for Smart City works has not been used judiciously and the work undertaken was not conducted in a methodical manner with the result that Panaji is going to suffer. All along most usual routes unprecedented flooding especially if on certain days the rainfall amounts to 4 to 5 inches in any 24-hour period continuously as even the Tidal effect
Memories Of Our Teenage Years Are Striking Back - By Arun Baba Naik
Sunday - May 28, 2023
When I received a phone call from a friend yesterday that Prof Kantak has come to Goa and would like to meet us, I suggested that we take him for lunch. I also added that I am a vegetarian on Thursdays and he too said that Prof Kantak and he himself are vegetarian on Thursdays. Finding a good
Damodar Mauzo – The Very Humane And Exemplary Goan - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 28, 2023
May 27th the day the singularly prestigious Jnanpith Award was conferred on our great Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo was a joyous and uplifting occasion for our land and for us all -- indeed a bright spark, amidst the gloom and nauseating political environment
Defying Anti-Incumbency, BJP Set To Retain Power In Goa – by Devika Sequeira
Sunday - May 28, 2023
Beating anti-incumbency sentiments, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to return to power in Goa for a third consecutive term. The saffron party won 20 of the 40 seats in Goa’s legislative assembly, and is expected to form the government with the help of three independents, and possibly the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), which won two
Panchayat Cup Tournament In Candolim – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Thursday - May 25, 2023
In the Panchayat Cup soccer tournament in the encounter between Pomburpa and Marna Siolim yesterday, played at Dr. Gustavo MONTEIRO ground in Candolim, the Siolim team did not find it difficult to Gain the maximum number of points from this encounter as the Marna Siolim out beat the Pomburkemkar
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