Friday, June 21, 2024
Niz Goenkar
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London, The Vibrant City That Has It All - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 19, 2024
Just as in the 90’s British Romantic Comedy ‘Notting Hill’. It was a great day spent exploring famous Notting Hill, Portobello Road and the sights around. The visit to ‘Lisboa’ one of the oldest Portuguese grocery shops selling Portuguese Cod - Bacalhao, Octopus, Cheese, Sausage, Ham, Deserts, a variety
Let Our Conscience Always Guide Us - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 19, 2024
As a graduate in Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology, over the last many decades my interest in political happenings has always been vivid with social networking close to my heart. The people of Goa have voted in the current Lok Sabha elections. Not surprisingly many have expressed
Your One Vote Will Save Democracy – By Nixon Fernandes
Wednesday - May 1, 2024
Mark the date 7th May a day to save democracy a day to defeat the communal forces and elect true representative of Goa and Goans. Today if there is one person who can save Goa and raise his voice in parliament then it's none other than Captain Viriato Fernandes a person who served Indian Navy who was there when Kargil war happened a true patriot of India yet
Once A Goan Always A Goan - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Apr 23, 2024
Born in 1960 a Portuguese national, I have lived for the last over six decades as an Indian. Though I am now again Portuguese by opting for the nationality of my birth, by the Grace of God, I have and will always be a proud Goan, with my birthplace Ribandar ever so close to my heart. A global Goenkar now indeed. Travelling abroad serves as a timely reminder that
Satish Sonak’s Inspiration Continues - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Apr 5, 2024
Seven years ago on 7th April 2017, Advocate Satish Sonak left us so suddenly after a massive heart attack in the Courtroom. He departed leaving us all astounded. He was a great source of inspiration and will continue to inspire us all to do our bit and carry forward his mission. A truly remarkable humble soul, Satish Sonak cared about his fellow beings, championing the causes
Increasing Cybercrime Is A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Apr 1, 2024
Despite the advancement in technology, the blatant cyber-crimes are on the increase. It is an unacceptable situation that the cyber criminals are having a field day while the law enforcement authorities watch helplessly. This is a growing global problem that needs concerted efforts to end the cybercrime nightmare that ranges from credit card fraud to
Reduce, Reuse And Recycle Is A Key To Garbage Management - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Mar 23, 2024
Over the years Goa has been witnessing a lot of positive steps in the collection, segregation and disposal of garbage. But much more needs to be done to achieve the goals. We should aim to keep our cities and villages free from garbage strewn all over. This would be to everyone’s benefit by ensuring our health and wellbeing. It would also attract high end
HP, Bharat Gas Agencies Exploiting People - Joaquim Dias, Chandor
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
It is shocking to note that despite daily news reports and the NGO GOACAN bringing to the attention of the Collectorate, civil supplies, transport and legal metrology departments of the Goa government, the irregularities and exploitation of the common people by the agencies of HP and Bharat gas LPG providers nothing is happening
Walking - A Recipe For Good Health - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
It has been very anguishing to witness so many departing very young. Their death could be due to varied reasons including the hectic lifestyle that people today go through. But by keeping ourselves fit and trim it could be a positive way forward. Walking and jogging do not cost us anything except a
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
Every complex living organism has a heart-lung symbiotic system that keeps the various moving parts humming. Often, that system does such a good job that we take it for granted, sometimes even abusing it until it malfunctions. The mountains and rain forests of the Western Ghats Mountains
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