Friday, June 21, 2024
Niz Goenkar
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A Big Thank You From London - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 26, 2024
A Big Thank You From London - By Aires Rodrigues
May I personally thank each one of you for your kind birthday wishes today on my 64th. In the last over one year, there has been a radical change in my personal and professional life. I have always dreamt of being a Global Goan, and hopefully, with your blessings, my once far dream may soon be a reality. It's been my firm belief that our multitude of friends and unflinching well-wishers over the years is always our most invaluable asset.
Having a very clear idea and vision on what I plan on doing ahead to serve my fellow Goans wherever they are shall be my guiding inertia. Let me assure you all that I will relentlessly strive towards the best interests of Goa and particularly of my birthplace Ribandar, which is and will always be ever so dear and close to my heart. Having been a student of Political science, I am still so very passionate about the subject, and for now, I shall keenly be watching and observing the ensuing July 4th General elections in the United Kingdom.

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Sunday - Jun 16, 2024
Why does Aires care about UK politics when he's a Portuguese citizen? The majority of Londoncars hold Portuguese passports and not British passports.
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