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Goa Has Lost Its Charm And Is Not The Goa Anymore – By Pamela Bordes
Thursday - Jun 20, 2024
Goa Has Lost Its Charm And Is Not The Goa Anymore – By Pamela Bordes
Well as a Non Goan - I can say Goa has lost its charm. It used to be a great place competitive with foreign holiday destinations. I, amongst several mature holiday and travel enthusiasts am honestly not attracted to it anymore. I don’t see Goans anywhere. its only full of North Indians and south Indians. very difficult to get authentic Goan food. Most places stink. I used to like goa for its picturesque Portuguese homes, not its all replaced by ugly buildings where "investors" want to Airbnb it.
The charm of Goa rests in its "laid back" village beach side image. If greedy Indians want to commercialize and profit from this paradise - well it’s not going to last more than a generation. it is already destroyed. Not anymore. Now it’s lost its charm due to property grabbing bandicoots who just want a place in Goa. it’s no more a holiday destination due to crowds, pollution, over construction, land grabbing, some areas look like slums. There are Paan stains and garbage all over the place - on the seashore, , roadside, rivers.
The question is not whether Goans themselves raise this issue - the question is about sustainable tourism and environmental protection. And what's wrong with that - many destinations otherwise famous only for tourism have come up with protective policies, Portugal, Italy and Japan included - read the news about Venice, Mt. Fuji, etc. Goa has been criticized internationally as a failing holiday destination.
We as Indians should be proud of our internationally known destinations and should sustain and preserve it. Everyone wants a part of the real estate profit pie but it’s a bubble about to burst and I read from articles it already has.

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Rupesh Pednekar
Saturday - Jun 22, 2024
Madam Pamela, I agree with you a little bit, but disagree with you on most of it, what you have said. The charm may have been lost due to the current rulers called BoJe-bazPi. Still we are Goans and will not our glory be destroyed by these rogues. So remember that Goa is going to last forever. India may disappear from the maps but not Goa.
Friday - Jun 21, 2024
Someone please inform the ignorant "sickular Catlick Bamonn" Lawrence hiding out in the West that his information is obsolete. Ghantti gangs now roam all places in Goa at all hours and in all seasons. Ghanttis outnumber Goans in Goa, Goa is the only state where migrants outnumber natives. Also, the book written by the Lawrence couple that he tried to advertise in his comment is full of ahistorical fantasy - I've pointed out repeatedly on this website that the book is filled with illogical BS.
Gilbert Anthony Lawrence
Friday - Jun 21, 2024
Those solitude-seeking visitors to Goa and those who dislike the crowds have options like mornings on the beach with sun worshipers and yoga practitioners; or enjoy the homey quaintness by a walk along the river banks seeing the mist rise and village awaken to the rising sun and the toddy tapper at his station; visits to the many nature preserves, spice gardens, bird sanctuary; or a walk or drive along the village backroads; visit the temples and churches displaying the UNESCO heritage sites. Throughout the year, all could dive into the dozen fiction and non-fiction books on Goa written by the natives. Frankly these are also tips for natives to suggest their visiting relatives to make their stay enjoyable and productive. In the monsoon, enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the rain in the moonlight, while rocking in a chair or a hammock in a balcao, searching for that flash of inspiration, whilst forsaking electricity and telephone.

Best Wishes,
Gilbert Lawrence
Insights into Colonial Goa
Published by Amazon and Kindle
Thursday - Jun 20, 2024
This Punjabi ghantti trash has no business talking about the ghanttification and degradation of Goans, when it's ghanttis like her responsible for causing it. Please go away from Goa, and take your fellow ghanttis with you.
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