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An Acid Test For Chief Minister Pramod Sawant - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Mar 16, 2023
An Acid Test For Chief Minister Pramod Sawant - By Aires Rodrigues
If Chief Minister Pramod Sawant thinks that he is only criticized, then he has given us the perfect opportunity to congratulate him for something good that he is contemplating. His laudable decision to do away with all those needless government corporations is indeed a brave and welcome decision. But as always, the proof of the pudding will be in its eating and if it stands the test of time and is true to his word.
Given that Pramod Sawant has been juggling for long to pacify all those political turncoats and their chums, he may soon have to set up yet more Corporations under different guises. Who knows, perhaps each of our popular produce like Mango, Coconut, Papaya and a Fish Corporation may soon be on the cards.
Whenever any Government puts the people first and is prudent with their money which is already in short supply it deserves praise, as it is a rare achievement these days. The fundamental duty of the government is to protect the needs of the people and be accountable and responsible for every paisa that they spend on their behalf. For a small state of Goa to run efficiently and financially prudently, Corporations must only be set up if necessary to serve the common good transparently and with integrity and not for personal development or as a pacifier for party hopping or for favours received or in anticipation of.
We must always give credit where credit is due while brandishing the stick when abuse is rife. Mr. Chief Minister you are now on Corporation watch to see if you are true to your word and deserve all the credit due.

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Ashwin Xavier Savio Cardoso
Friday - Mar 24, 2023
Mr pramod needs to go back to where he came from...Dotor is a fator without common sense...And the best he can do is lie confidently like his superior Mr moodi hahahaha. And fool the people. Double engine destruction
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