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Once A Goan Always A Goan - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Apr 23, 2024
Once A Goan Always A Goan - By Aires Rodrigues
Born in 1960 a Portuguese national, I have lived for the last over six decades as an Indian. Though I am now again Portuguese by opting for the nationality of my birth, by the Grace of God, I have and will always be a proud Goan, with my birthplace Ribandar ever so close to my heart. A global Goenkar now indeed.
Travelling abroad serves as a timely reminder that ‘You can take the person out of Ribandar and Goa, but you can’t take Ribandar and Goa out of the person’.
There are no distant places any longer; the world is small, and the world is one. It is encouraging and heart-warming to see and learn in my encounters with various friends that the large Goan diaspora, a vibrant community spread across the world, is still maintaining strong connections with their native land.
In life we must always be ready for challenges and willing to learn, develop and grow. Being confident, dedicated and committed in all that we endeavour to do is paramount. If we stay firm and focussed on our goals, Sky is the limit and nothing can be unachievable. It’s all it takes.

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