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Satish Sonak’s Inspiration Continues - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Apr 5, 2024
Satish Sonak’s Inspiration Continues - By Aires Rodrigues
Seven years ago on 7th April 2017, Advocate Satish Sonak left us so suddenly after a massive heart attack in the Courtroom. He departed leaving us all astounded. He was a great source of inspiration and will continue to inspire us all to do our bit and carry forward his mission.
A truly remarkable humble soul, Satish Sonak cared about his fellow beings, championing the causes particularly of the underprivileged and disadvantaged section of society. He was Goa’s great selfless warrior. who toiled tirelessly, seeking justice for the poor, downtrodden and the oppressed. Ever willing to stand up and dared to be counted where others feared to venture. In his death the poor, deprived and voiceless lost a true friend.
Right from his student days Satish Sonak was a fiery orator. Later doing justice to his profession as a lawyer he evolved as one of the foremost human rights crusaders, taking up many causes such as the rights of women and children, marginalized tribes, the physically and mentally challenged, and the rights of the common man. In death, his donation was the gift of his precious eyes. Let us all live up to the hopes and aspirations of this great humane Braveheart that Satish Sonak was. May his legacy live on.

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