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Casinos Spreading Their Tentacles - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Thursday - Mar 16, 2023
Casinos Spreading Their Tentacles - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Whole world knows that Goa is a paradise for the tourists from India as well as from all over the world to come easily and visit this state without any restrictions and enjoy its ambient and the flavour of our liquor, wine and also, I believe the prostitution going on in Casinos. The Government is unable to control as the God Father's in Delhi are pressurising this local Government to provide them all kind of assistance apparently to get financial benefits to this state.
I tried to enter the Captain of Ports jetty to see and enjoy the scenery as I used to do during my younger days but unfortunately, I was not allowed to enter the gate to even watch from a distance. Then I did a small round about the jetty and manage to click some photographs which are enclosed herewith and gave me a shock that this jetty can anytime collapse by looking at the piers which are totally corroded.
When our great politicians want these Casinos to prosper what we can do. I saw and still exist many Casino constructions over this Panjim jetty, not only giving an ugly seen but can anytime collapse due to corroded and weak piers. When no more place is available at this jetty to house Casinos, the Casino lobby decided to spread their tentacles at nearby river Mandovi already construction is ready for the docking new vessels. In spite of Commissioner of CCP bringing objections after publishing in the local press as well as to other authorities including Captain of Ports but unfortunately this construction continued and expanded still further.
And now from last week onwards we see number of Casinos already been docking on this new construction having a platform to accommodate number of vessels for which even they have open by breaking a compound wall existing on the footpath to make a way for people to enter into this new metallic strong platform and to board the vessels. Please see the photos of vessels docking into this platform. 

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Bhumiputtar de Goa
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2023
Piers corroded? Bhiupachi goroz nam. Veghinche veghim 100 Cr.+ moddun ami te nove bandhun kaddche. Nanch zalear akhem "structure" moddun novem bandchem: FULU KHUSTAR FOZNE... Ha Ha Ha.
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