Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Goa’s State Minister Rane Says That PMO Will Closely Monitor Madei Wildfires
Saturday - Mar 11, 2023
Goa’s State Minister Rane Says That PMO Will Closely Monitor Madei Wildfires
Panjim: Rane took to social media to share that the Prime Minister's Office has informed him that the defence ministry would provide full support and the PMO would monitor the situation closely. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office will closely monitor the fires that have broken out in Goa's Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, where choppers of the Indian Air Force and Navy are deployed to control the blaze, state's forest minister Vishwajit Rane said on Saturday.
A few pockets in the wildlife sanctuary and adjoining areas continued to witness forest fires on Saturday for the seventh day. Rane took to social media to share that the Prime Minister's Office has informed him that the defence ministry would provide full support and the PMO would monitor the situation closely. "The entire state of Goa is extremely grateful for the intervention of the Honourable Prime Minister in protecting our forests and providing us with full Defence support with helicopters for dousing the wildfires," he tweeted.
The Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the north-eastern part of the coastal state along the border with Karnataka, is known for its high biodiversity. The Indian Navy has deployed helicopters with 'Large Area Aerial Liquid Dispersion Equipment' mounted on them to carry out sorties to douse the fires, a defence spokesperson had said earlier.
As Goa's forest minister, Rane said, "I can't begin to express my gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister. We will keep the Honourable Prime Minister's office updated on a daily basis on the state of fires." The minister said that as of Saturday, 11 forest fires were active in various places including Madei Wildlife Sanctuary. On Tuesday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had chaired a State Disaster Management Authority meeting to oversee the situation, while Rane had claimed the fire was "man-made" and had warned of action under the Forest Act for those violating norms.

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Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2023
Yes Mel bab, Eknath Sawant is a scapegoat, the land mafia was behind the forest fire. Even our great opposition leader Yuri Alemao said it to the media persons.
Monday - Mar 20, 2023
Thanks for the kind words, Bab Ignatius
In life we can’t change people or change anything, unless they want to themselves
As long as there are Goan Catholics, Goa will remain a paradise

Today Yuri Alemao said the same thing, that land mafia are behind the fires. So 99% in Satari Mahadei it’s the Rane family
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Sunday - Mar 19, 2023
Mel bab, sometimes I just wonder why person of yr calibre is working in UK. If I have only ten MDG I would have rocked this place. Believe me brother in my village I am fighting all alone. There is no support from any human being.
Sunday - Mar 19, 2023
Eknath.. Sawant
that’s what they caught, Bab Ignatius? Some Ek-NUt just to fool the people
Like how our ANC catch some nepali or oriya small time drug peddlars
While the big fish go on to become MLAs and Ministera
Would be nice to find out what happens to all this land ‘cleared’ in the forest fires in 3-5 years
90% it will be converted and made into real estate, by Ranes and Monsterats
Saturday - Mar 18, 2023
Bab Ignatius,
Yes , all this seems to be more than just a coincidence!
Raandi baaz Junior Rane’s wife, fat ugly Doctor Divya Rane nee Timblo ( specialist MD in skin and veneral or STD disease) is chairman of ?? Forest development ———ha ha ha ha
I know her husband and father inlaw how much have ‘developed ‘ forests. Besides sowing wild oats!‘feni’-is-like-how-champagne-is-to-france-deviya-rane/25008.html

Here is the leaky, fat sow selling the Indian bullshit story of feni= champagne
Does her husband drink feni or champagne, when he sleeps with hookers and marathi B grade actresses ??
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Saturday - Mar 18, 2023
Bab Mel, we were right. One Eknath Sawant has been apprehended by the forest officer and Goa police. Further investigation is still going on.
Wednesday - Mar 15, 2023
Yes Bab Ignatius, I think its the land mafia, with the likes of Rane and MonsteRat who are behind these fires.
Why? I have no proof but looking at internal pattterns in Goa and Bombay, this must be the most logical reason.
Goa or the old conquest areas, just like Bombay is now fully developed or land is as tight as a Gujjus bonk. Just as Bombay spread to Navi Mumbai and bandup etc the land sharks in Goa want to spread to the interior? This is one last year, before 2024 Lok Sabha and the outcomes may not always be guaranteed.
As for history, 1980s Taleigao and surrounding was a sleepy village, land was v cheap and mostly agricultural or orchard. Sarpanch was Somu Zuwarkar and his side kick partner in crimes was sexo maniac MonsterRAT. They did several scams, upsured huge tracts of land and guess what happened to the Taleigoa Panchayat building with all those land records? Who would have guessed, it caught FIRE and burned to the ground.
Somu went on to become MLA and eventually MonsteRat got rid of him and became one in 2002.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Wednesday - Mar 15, 2023
Yes Mel, even I have a strong feeling that they are man made. It is not only at Madei but in several places in Goa, including my own village Agassaim and neighbouring Curca.
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2023
Who knows, these fires are 'man made' so that they can clear the forest and convert land???
Anyway, Modi, like a woman, is well know to put fires, like the Godhra train fires and subsequent riots

He's very poor in dousing them. Why would he, when he cooks his food on them, it's his bread and butter, given that gas cylinders are soo expensive
Bhumiputtar de Goa
Sunday - Mar 12, 2023
Rano, Be alert all the time - one never knows, you may be allowed to jump the Queue and made Goa CM. Foam Spine Diggu, are you reading this?
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