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Ribandar Hill Cutting Must Be Probed - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Feb 6, 2023
Ribandar Hill Cutting Must Be Probed - By Aires Rodrigues
There needs to be a thorough inquiry to ascertain and fix responsibility on those having contrary to rules and regulations issued that unlawful permission for that massive hill cutting at Ribandar. We need to commend Town & Country Planning Minister Vishwajit Rane for having promptly inspected the site and issued appropriate directions. Stern disciplinary action must also be taken against those officials who had dared issue the permission in contravention of law.
The probe must also encompass whether the permission for that hill cutting at Ribandar was issued by officials at the behest of Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate. There is a need to identify and weed out the corrupt officials within the TCP department. The authorities should also probe whether a cabinet minister from Bardez has business interests in the company that was involved in that mega Ribandar hill cutting. 
As this ravaged hill now poses a very grave threat of landslides impacting and endangering the houses down below in Ribandar, those responsible for this hill cutting must be directed to immediately restore the hill to its original position. Any hill cutting is a serious crime against nature leading to environmental degradation so the most stringent action must be taken against all such offenders. 

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Thursday - Feb 9, 2023
Evil men like MonsteRAT will never die, they will take Tiswadi to their graves. If my memory serves me right, the Rat first began his criminal enterprise, ironically by? YES HILL CUTTING. He got on well with Francisco Sardinha, both bailan poders, and they together chopped off most of the trees I think around the Ribandar area. This was in the 1980s

After which he got into diamond smuggling and then loan sharking. He then turned his attention to Taleigao, Bambolim area and when Somnath Zuwarkar was Sarpanch, did several scams there wrt land, conversions and all such shit. To hide all these land scams, he and Somu got together and the Panchayat ghar 'mysteriously' caught fire and all those land records were ashes

That posgo's evil has no limits!! Wonder who his real father is, can't be a Niz Goenkar, think it was some kapo
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