Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Dear Readers, our site was hacked for a while. TWO days back there were 48 attacks on the site.
BJP Flouts The Law Yet Again - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
On 11th December after inaugurating the Mopa airport, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a meeting of BJP Ministers and MLAs besides core committee members of the party inside the Airport terminal. This was in total breach of the solemn undertaking given to our High Court
Tale Of The Eight Traitors Now Facing Political Destitution - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Dec 13, 2022
The eight Congress MLAs, who on September 14th hurriedly plunged into the murky waters of BJP without life jackets are now floundering with no escape route. They did not hesitate to betray their voters as the fifty crores that each of them pocketed was too tempting an offer that led to their personal greed taking priority over loyalty and integrity. In this case, particularly
Attack On Adv. Gajanan Sawant Was An Assault On The Rule Of Law - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 11, 2022
The very brutal attack on Adv. Gajanan Sawant by the Porvorim Police is deplorable and those erring cops must not be spared the rod. It was a very dark day for the rule of law as the law of the jungle prevailed. Law enforcers must never be Law breakers, seriously damaging the Rule of Law and eroding the trust that people should have in our Police force
Sorrowing Lies Goa’s Capital City - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 9, 2022
On this visit to Goa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should open his eyes to the reality of a BJP run state. He should care to drive around an all dug up Panjim which looks like a war-torn city. Narendra Modi should also take a ride on Atal Setu and see for himself how crores of rupees have been poured down the drain on that botched up bridge
ED, IT & CBI Urged To Probe Nefarious Deeds Of Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
A Complaint has been filed against Mandrem MLA and Chairman of Goa Housing Board Jit Arolkar for Tax fraud, Disproportionate assets, Land Scam and Money laundering. In separate complaints addressed to the Enforcement Directorate, Income-tax authorities and the CBI it has been sought that the misdeeds by Jit Arolkar be thoroughly probed
Panjim Roads To Hell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
Nowhere in the world will have roads in the city like we have in Panaji Goa. Wherever you go, you find digging and digging with JCBs and some places the depth of holes are more than 3 metres deep without exaggerating and it continues its deep passages quite a long distance especially at areas near Municipal
Pile Up Of Court Cases - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
We need to be all very concerned of the fact that in a small State like Goa there is a very enormous pendency of cases in various Courts across the State. A mountain of cases is dragging and remain pending which includes a huge pendency for over a decade and the pile up even involves cases pertaining to Senior Citizens
The Exposition Of Brains Of The Andh Bhakt’s At Hounslow? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 7, 2022
Possibly a lie, because the name of the month ‘DEMBERBER’ is not in the calendar of the year yet, and it will never happen, purely clean ignorant. Though still, I like to say; Dear subnormal intelligent and Judicious, sorry, am I wrong calling you these words? Even if I call the organizers Andh bhakts many people will agree with me. Still, if anyone of you reading
Truth Must Always Prevail - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
In criminal trials the witnesses usually fear to speak the truth. It is going to be all the more challenging in the infamous 2008 Panjim Police Station attack case with the main accused being currently a Minister in the government while most witnesses being police officials. The fear of revenge and retribution would
BJP Facing Tough Task Accommodating Defectors - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
It is a very arduous task for the BJP in Goa to accommodate those eight Congress defectors, some as Ministers and the rest as heads of Government Corporations. They have been anxiously waiting for almost three long months for the crumbs to fall from their master’s table and are running out of patience. Much to their regret having hastily taken the plunge into the
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