Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Niz Goenkar
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Samosas.... At Rs 5/- A Piece... Unbelievable? ... Yes, Believe It - By Pascoal DE Chicalim
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Samosas.... At Rs 5/- A Piece... Unbelievable? ... Yes, Believe It - By Pascoal DE Chicalim
Someone rightly said to me before, how come the news makers collide with you first? I say I don't know, good things, good people are always first in my list. Today evening as I was riding my bullet motorcycle on the highways of North Goa, suddenly the hunger pangs overpowered me before I knew what was happening my growling stomach diverted my path from the four-lane highway at Mercês junction right up to the Santacruz church. I looked up everywhere to see the evening hawkers of smelling beef dishes beckoning to come over but no none had put fire to their evening businesses.
As I twisted and turned pulling behind my enormous engine of bullet suddenly my eyes fell on the front porch at the side of the majestic st Cruz church on the open road... A small temporary hawker cart was full of people busy buying samosas and bhojim. A lady was frying aromatic samosas and her better half looking after the sales. I could not turn back so I thought of Indulging in the tempting samosas. I ordered for two and pulled out a 20 Rs note to pay or hearing the familiar words... Baba pondra rupia ek samosa... Nay the lady coolly said don samosas only Rs 10/-...I was literally shocked and looked at her in disbelief as a customer came and took Twenty samosas for Rs 100/- from her.
In today's standard of living the humble samosas have increased from Rs 10 to 12 or 15 but getting the same samosa in a little shrink size at Rs 5/- is unbelievable. On prodding the gentlemen further, I asked him. How you can afford the samosa at Rs 5/- and then he astonished me by replying... Till 31st dec last year I was selling three samosas for Rs 10/- now it is two samosas for Rs 10/- I was totally bowled over and finally I ordered 20 samosas for myself and my neighbours.
Friends if you go to Santa Cruz village in Ilhas taluka please visit this stall of the loving couple in front of the St Cruz church and buy the samosas and bhojim at unbelievable prices. After all drops and drop fills the ocean. May their humble business grow in leaps and bounds.

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Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Nice, some positive news, in this sea of gloom and doom

Brought back fond memories of these gaddos, specially those beef rava fried cutlets … ruch eta
Still don’t know how they could make them soo soft!!
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