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The Neurosurgery Dept At Gmc Pioneered By Dr V N Jindal Celebrates 40 Glorious Years - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Nov 15, 2023
The Neurosurgery Dept At Gmc Pioneered By Dr V N Jindal Celebrates 40 Glorious Years - By Aires Rodrigues
The Neurosurgery department at the Goa Medical College completes forty glorious years. Dr V.N Jindal must be credited with giving birth to the Neurosurgery department and remarkably over the years taking it to immense heights from scratch. What started with four beds and no equipment, the Goa Medical College is today one amongst only twelve hospitals in the country having Super Specialty training in Neurosurgery.
On the 31st July 2014, Dr Jindal retired as the Dean of Goa Medical College after his long and magnificent association with one of Asia’s oldest medical colleges. He needs to be commended for the wonderful combination of both professional and personal attention that he has been rendering with passion and empathy to every patient. He has been a God sent invaluable gift to Goa.
The very distinguished Dr Jindal’s mission of saving lives through neurosurgery now continues under Dr Ponraj Sundaram who currently heads the Neurosurgery department at the Goa Medical College. May this pioneering legacy of Dr Jindal which has withstood the test of time and continued to flourish and benefit and enhance the lives of many. 

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Monday - Dec 4, 2023
I sincerely request the site administrators to restore the missing articles and comments from January to November 2023. Ghantti misinformation campaign about Goans needs to be crushed.

Also, Have a Happy Feast:

Original lyrics in Latin by St. Francis Xavier:
O Deus, ego amo te,
Nec amo te ut salves me,
Nec quod qui te non diligunt,
Æterno igne pereunt.

Ex crucis lingo germinat,
Qui pectus amor occupat,
Ex pansis unde brachiis,
Ad te amandum arripes. Amen.

English translation:
My God, I love Thee, not because
I hope for Heaven thereby;
Nor yet since they who love Thee not
Must burn eternally.

Thou, O my Jesus, Thou didst me
Upon the Cross embrace;
For me didst bear the nails and spear,
And manifold disgrace. Amen.
Wednesday - Nov 22, 2023
I'd appreciate it very much if the site administrators would restore all the previous articles and comments that are missing from the site (from January 2023 to November 2023). These attacks take place because NRI ghanttis don't want anyone finding out the harsh truth about ghantti society, and the long-term consequences of ghantti immigration to Western societies. (A lot of NRI ghanttis who are Sanghis in India push for secularism in the West.)
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