Saturday, March 25, 2023
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In Goa Fire Lighters Have Overtaken Fire Fighters - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Mar 15, 2023
In Goa Fire Lighters Have Overtaken Fire Fighters - By Aires Rodrigues
It's well over a week and the inexplicable fires in Goa are raging with our natural habitat being eternally destroyed and laid to rest. Those vicious perpetrators of this man-made ecological disaster will never be forgiven. They may get away with their political blessings but the Almighty will never spare these thugs from that ruthless punishment that they will have to endure for having dared to violate our dear Mother Nature. Is it not ironic that none of those hills and fields owned by the politicians in Power has caught fire? Is it not a skewed politically motivated heat wave?
The Goa government being hand in gloves with those vested interests, their promise of a probe may be a whitewash as usual for public consumption that no one will ever believe. It is very disturbing that for over a week, the Law enforcements authorities have been unable to apprehend those responsible. Our firefighters are doing a commendable job but it is the politically motivated fire lighters that are getting away with such a heinous crime against our Mother Nature. We need to protect our Forests and the environment from these man instigated fires.
It would be a service to Goa’s mankind if this corrupt and uncaring government along with its skewed policies was set ablaze so that after their ashes our Goa can rest in Peace.

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