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Priyanka Gandhi: Modi Misleading People In Name Of Religion For Power
Wednesday - May 29, 2024
Priyanka Gandhi: Modi Misleading People In Name Of Religion For Power
New Delhi: Continuing with her offensive against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Tuesday termed him "anti-people" and accused him of misleading people in the name of religion only to remain in power. "Hindu religion has taught us to live an honest life but the BJP and PM Modi is doing politics in the name of religion. PM uses religion in politics but does not perform religious duties. What kind of guardians of religion are those who topple governments with money power and buy MLAs? They don't reach out with help during natural disasters,” she said, while addressing a rally in Hamirpur from where Congress has fielded Satpal Raizada.
Modi has started considering himself as God and thinks he would get votes in the name of religion but people will not be misled, she said while addressing twin public rallies in Gagret and Kutlehar in Una district. The Centre neither declared the monsoon calamity in Himachal Pradesh a national disaster nor gave any special package to the state, the Congress general secretary said, adding that instead they tried to topple the democratically-elected Congress government in the state.
Six Congress legislators had voted in favour of the BJP in the Rajya Sabha elections and later joined the party after they were disqualified by the Vidhan Sabha Speaker for both following party whip. All of them are now contesting Assembly by polls on the ticket of the saffron party.
Attacking the rebels, Priyanka said, "It is good that those preferring money over service have left the Congress party." She also hit out at Hamirpur MP and BJP candidate Anurag Thakur claiming that he does not visit his constituency. "The Hamirpur MP is not visible to the public. He is always seen in Delhi with his billionaire friends. Modi to doesn't go to Varanasi. Their ideology is different. Former PM Indira Gandhi knew the problems of the people by visiting them, even if they scolded her.
Today’s Prime Minister wouldn't tolerate being scolded. Indira ji had given her jewellery for the country in time of need and Modi says that the Congress people will steal your mangalsutra,” she added. She also said the Congress was in power for 55 years but could not become the richest party. The BJP, on the other hand, has become the richest party in the world in just 10 years, she claimed and asked how it is possible if PM Modi is honest and accused him of taking charity from anti-social and corrupt elements. She also pointed out that the Modi government reduced import duty on American apples, creating problems for the apple growers in the state.
During the worst monsoon disaster in the state last year, people got to see the difference between the Congress and the BJP when every Congress leader and worker was on the ground while the BJP was seen nowhere, she said, adding “The state government resettled 22,000 affected families from its own funds”. “Despite the economic crisis, 1.36 lakh employees are being OPS. Women over 18 years of age have started receiving Rs 1,500 per month. Himachal is the first state to give MSP on milk. Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu is close to the people,” she added.
Priyanka conducted a roadshow in the Bhota and Barsar markets in the Barsar Assembly area, which received massive public support. She sought votes for Lok Sabha candidate Satpal Raizada

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Rupesh Pednekar
Thursday - May 30, 2024
Priyanka is right. BJP is totally communal and only during elections they try to pacify the minorities. BJP is made up of rogues and criminals and terrorists and religious fanatics. No way people should elect BJP. BJP tried and still tries to divide Goans on lines of religious fanaticism. They should be shown the way out.
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