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Congress President Slams Narendra Modi Over Insulting Bihar
Sunday - May 26, 2024
Congress President Slams Narendra Modi Over Insulting Bihar
New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused him of 'insulting' Bihar with his 'mujra' remark. Addressing a rally in Bihar's Sasaram, Kharge said, "PM used mujra words for opposition leaders in an election rally in Bihar on Friday…Modi ji insulted Bihar by using this word…it means mujra happens here. This is an insult to Bihar and its electorates."
"Modi considers himself as 'Tismarkhan'…He is under the wrong impression. It is the people who are real Tismarkhan. He (PM) is a dictator…If he becomes PM for the third term, people will not be allowed to say anything at all," he added. Kharge's remarks came in response to Narendra Modi's earlier statement at rallies in Bihar, where he launched a scathing attack on the opposition alliance INDIA bloc and accused it of doing "slavery" and "mujra" for the Muslim vote bank.
Narendra Modi said "Bihar is the land which has given a new direction to the fight for social justice. I want to announce on its soil that I will foil the plans of the 'INDIA' coalition to loot the rights of SC, ST and OBC and give them to Muslims. They (the opposition bloc) may remain enslaved and perform 'mujra' to please their vote bank."
Earlier, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and the opposition leaders also criticised PM Modi for his remarks to target the opposition alliance INDIA bloc and argued that such comments from a person holding such position in the country undermines the dignity of the post. During his speech, Congress chief also said that the ongoing Lok Sabha election is between people vs PM Modi. "This election is basically people vs Modi… not Rahul vs Modi," he said.

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Rupesh Pednekar
Monday - May 27, 2024
Modi has been playing with minorities in the name of religion rightly deserves what the congress president is saying. A mere tea seller is running a country that is huge, is a joke. The army must now take over from this cunning fox RSS supporter modi.
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