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An Almost Forgotten Part Of The Fatima Apparition's Story – by Rev. Fr. David Okolie
Sunday - May 19, 2024
*AMELIA* remains a popular name that is equally associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary's apparition to the three young shepherds of Fatima. She was a friend to the youngsters but had already died before our Lady's apparition. Since these youngsters had the privilege of discussing a lot of extraterrestrial issues with the Virgin Mary, they asked her about the condition of their friend, Amelia, in the afterlife. To their greatest *shock*, our Lady told them that Amelia was in PURGATORY and will remain there *forever*. Hmmm! But what offense did she commit to deserve such TORMENT?

Our Lady told them that she (Amelia) always dressed *INDECENTLY* while she was alive and such careless actions earned her eternal torment. She equally told them that many souls go to hell due to the *SINS* of the *FLESH/IMPURITY* which indecency promotes. Are there still boys, girls, men and women who dress *INDECENTLY* today, even inside the places of worship? Do you think that it doesn't matter anymore about what you put on? Hmm! Even when your parents, guardians, spiritual leaders, etc refuse to call your attention to the danger of such careless actions, please, kindly run for your life! Would you like to end up like Amelia or even worse? Think about it, my dearest friend.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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