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Let Our Conscience Always Guide Us - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - May 19, 2024
Let Our Conscience Always Guide Us - By Aires Rodrigues
As a graduate in Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology, over the last many decades my interest in political happenings has always been vivid with social networking close to my heart. The people of Goa have voted in the current Lok Sabha elections. Not surprisingly many have expressed surprise over my stoic silence during these elections. Over the last weeks many had been urging me to express my opinion on the current political scenario.
On 15th May last year after having opted for Portuguese nationality and having surrendered my Indian Passport and voter’s card, it was more than proper to keep myself totally aloof directly or indirectly from the political scene in India. In the last few days many of my friends across Goa had even been asking me as to whom they should vote for in these elections but I firmly stuck to my conscientious decision to stay away from it all in view of my now changed circumstances.
My interest in politics however will never die. With my voting rights now transplanted overseas, I have with keen interest watched the recent elections in Portugal and more recently the Mayoral polls in London. Now looking forward to the keenly awaited General elections in the United Kingdom due later this year. My ceaseless love for Goa and my birthplace Ribandar will never die. I may have been born a Portuguese but grew up as an Indian and owe it all to India for having groomed me to be what I am. Shall remain eternally grateful to Goa and India.   

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