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Bollywood Actor Rayya Labib Attacked By Stray Dogs At Colva Beach
Sunday - May 19, 2024
Bollywood Actor Rayya Labib Attacked By Stray Dogs At Colva Beach
Mumbai/Panjim: Bollywood actor Rayya Labib was attacked by stray dogs while on an early morning walk on Colva beach in South Goa. The incident happened on Friday morning at around 5.50 to 6 am. The actor, accompanied by two friends who were all visiting Goa to beat the summer heat, decided to take a stroll on the beach early in the morning to avoid other tourists and touts. While her two friends were parking their car on a road nearby, Rayya ventured out on the beach.
To her dismay, she had hardly walked about 200 to 300 meters on the beach, when she was attacked viciously by a pack of stray dogs who tried to bite and maul her. Taken by surprise, she screamed for help and her friends who were some distance from her rushed to her aid and rescued her from the dogs, but not before she sustained a few bruises or scratches on her leg. Her dress was also torn due to the attempt by the dogs to bite her.
Speaking to media persons on her return to Mumbai, Rayya said,"I am an animal lover and even feed stray dogs. It was very shocking to be suddenly attacked by strays on the Colva beach, without any reason or provocation. It looks like the dogs were either hungry or irritated about something. A tourist zone like Colva beach should be kept free of strays as it could be a dampener for tourists, particularly foreigners who prefer South Goa for its quiet and privacy. The stray dog menace is growing in Goa and the same was noticed in the Latin quarter area of Panjim late at night.
This is the second or third incident of stray dog attacks in South Goa over the last one week. Another similar attack took place at Benaulim a few days earlier. An elderly man walking home late at night was also attacked by strays on the outskirts of Margao about 6 days ago.

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Friday - May 24, 2024
This Bollywood female is yet another 77 IQ ghantti too dumb to understand the principle of "cause and effect". It's precisely because of stray dog feeders like herself that the number of stray dogs increased and these dog packs aggressive because they feel entitled to food from humans when hungry. It's the same reason why visitors to all zoos are warned not to feed the animals there, and why stray monkey packs are a menace in North India.
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