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Bollywood Actress: Very sad that an international tourist destination like Goa has to shut down music
Friday - May 10, 2024
Bollywood Actress: Very sad that an international tourist destination like Goa has to shut down music
Panjim: Activist, social worker and film maker Reema Angel Sharma who was in the capital city Panjim recently said that she was deeply saddened and disappointed that an international tourist destination like Goa shuts down music in restaurants, pubs and beach shacks at 10 pm.
"I know that there is a High Court order. Noise pollution is a major issue. But some solution must be worked out. Since the heat is unbearable during the day, do you expect tourists to venture out in the hot weather during day time? The only pleasant hours are from 7 pm to midnight, when it is not hot and unbearable and if music shows, events and weddings have to shut down their music and sound by 10 pm, it is a very sorry state of affairs," Reema said.
"It is sad that the Goa government and the government at the centre have not taken the issue seriously. Tourists who come to Goa for a holiday during the summer months want their money's worth. They are not going to just stay indoors and watch Tv. Dining out or partying can be only done between 9 to 12 midnight and an international tourist destination must ensure this," Reema stated.
Reema had recently returned from Rafah (Gaza Strip) weeks earlier before Israel took over the border crossing and also recounted her horrific experience and the stress and strain that even international humanitarian workers and medics are forced to face daily with the threat of death looming large as the Israel-Hamas war continues.
The 32-year-old was part of an international charity-powered group of volunteers providing medical and humanitarian aid to the people of Rafah - the city presently under military control by the Israeli army. The mission of their group of about 20 to 25 volunteers from different nations, including doctors and paramedics, was to provide food and administer medicines to the sick and dying.
Reema was in Rafah for a few weeks with the aid team. "I joined the international aid group because I wanted to help people in distress. There was no pay, but we were provided food. We lived in tents or wherever we could find accommodation - in hospitals and closed schools or places of worship. The invasion by Israel caused immense hardship to the poor, elderly and those in need of medical treatment. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who are going without food for days, surviving on a little water and whatever bread or biscuits are available. The fear of getting killed with crashing rockets, collapsing structures and exploding bombs is ever present and the horrendous reality that a person who was alive and well just a few minutes earlier, becomes merely a number (among the dead) within hours is something that people have come to accept," she said.

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Sunday - May 12, 2024
Never heard of this female, so checked online. She's the typical Delhiwalli moron. Stop giving ghantti trash any publicity in Goa.
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