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Is Goa Set To Hold Free And Fair Elections Given The Nature Of The Current Communal Govt?
Sunday - May 5, 2024
Is Goa Set To Hold Free And Fair Elections Given The Nature Of The Current Communal Govt?
Panjim: Goa Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ramesh Verma on Sunday said that the election machinery is totally geared up for conducting free and fair elections on 7 May 2024.
Addressing a press conference, Verma said, “We have 1,725 polling stations - 863 in North Goa and 862 in South Goa district. Out of these polling stations, we have 229 model polling stations." He said, "At 1,419 polling stations, we will be providing all the basic facilities like water, electricity, ramp facility, shadow area, coolers. Refreshments will be provided in the time-frame of 9 am to 4 pm.”
He said this year the target is to ensure at least 80 per cent voting as compared to previous elections when 75 per cent of polling was recorded. “We tried our best to sort out the problem. We are hopeful that we will not get boycott calls," he said. He was replying to a question related to a boycott call given by some of the villagers. He said, "It is like a festival. We are trying our best to provide the facilities to local people because we have to select a team for our nation. We have informed both the district teams that whatever issues are pending, if it is sorted then it is okay, if not then they can be tackled after elections.”
Verma said this time four election visitors and 17 journalists from different nations are visiting Goa to witness the election process. “In Goa, two visitors are coming from Bhutan and two from Mongolia. Besides, 17 media persons are visiting the State. Out of them, 15 are from Bhutan and two from Israel. They are coming to witness the election process. They will visit polling stations in both the districts,” he said. Verma said after the Model Code of Conduct came into force, a total of 31 complaints of violation of Election Code of Conduct were received by the State Election Office out of which 28 were sorted out and three are pending.
Inspector General of Police (IGP) Omvir Singh Bishnoi has assured the people of the State that this election will be held in a free, fair and friendly manner.  “Compared to previous elections, we have increased the number of sector police officers. On 6-7 sector police officers, there will be a sector supporting police officers. Above them zonal police officers will be deployed who will be of SP rank. We have made a fool-proof security arrangement for the elections. However, as per the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) direction, voters are requested not to bring electronic items like cell phones."
North Goa Collector Dr Sneha Gitte informed that there were 863 polling stations spread in 20 Assembly segments of North Goa Parliamentary constituency. Out of this, 20 were pink polling booths, one in each Assembly constituency, 40 green polling booths, two in each Assembly constituency, 43 model polling stations, two unique polling stations and one youth polling station. The new initiative will be the green highway initiative at Warkhand junction in Pernem taluka.
Dr Gitte appealed to all the voters that after they cast their votes, they make their contribution by planting a tree at this place. Two unique polling stations in North Goa include the old GMC building at Ribandar and an island at Cumbharjua, which caters to less than 150 voters.
South Goa Collector Asvin Chandru A said, “We have 862 polling stations in South Goa where 5,160 polling personnel will be deployed. Out of this 40 are green, 20 are pink, one unique, one is youth managed, and three PWDs. We will have medical camps at four polling stations. We will have a highway plantation drive – one at Varca-Navelim junction and another at Highway NH 66 at Canacona.” Shree Damodar College of Commerce and Economics, Margao, will be the strong room for safe storage of EVMs (EVMs are manipulated by BJP- NG) of South Goa Parliamentary constituency while Cyclone Shelter at Altinho, will be the strong room for safe storage of EVMs of North Goa Parliamentary constituency, Verma said.

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Rupesh Pednekar
Friday - May 10, 2024
Braz Ino sir, this govt of Goa is made up of terrorists. Sawant is ghatie who has come down to Goa to grab properties and wipe our the minorities. Their culture is killing and murdering innocent people who stand up to them.
Braz Ino
Friday - May 10, 2024
Our goa govt still Dumping portuguese. Heritage culture why NOT they stérilisés there parents DNA
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