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Your One Vote Will Save Democracy – By Nixon Fernandes
Wednesday - May 1, 2024
Your One Vote Will Save Democracy – By Nixon Fernandes
Mark the date 7th May a day to save democracy a day to defeat the communal forces and elect true representative of Goa and Goans. Today if there is one person who can save Goa and raise his voice in parliament then it's none other than Captain Viriato Fernandes a person who served Indian Navy who was there when Kargil war happened a true patriot of India yet some bigots are questioning his credibility people who haven't done nothing for Goa in spite of winning ample of times are questioning first check in your own backyard before asking questions to National hero.
BJP party talks about nation and nationalism but when it comes to honour soldiers it’s on the back foot. Maybe their demons of pardon with Britishers still haunt them. Actually, BJP at the centre and at Goa is rattled with the growing popularity of National Hero captain Viriato Fernandes so they are using all tricks in the book to brand him anti national anti-constitutional etc etc. But they should realise that people of India and especially Goa have now made up their mind to defeat the communal forces who are out there to create a communal divide among religion. People are focused whom to vote even Tukaram tried hard but now there is no stopping from electing people’s candidates who will be there for Goa and Goans.
Friends this is your time your vote counts. When you go to cast your vote on 7th May remember these things. Look at cylinder while voting Think about sisters of Manipur while voting.  Think about all those deflectors of Goa while voting. Your one vote can change the national dynamics and can send those communal forces in jail. Vote for the saviour of democracy. Vote for captain Viriato Fernandes. Think about it

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