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Increasing Cybercrime Is A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Apr 1, 2024
Increasing Cybercrime Is A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
Despite the advancement in technology, the blatant cyber-crimes are on the increase. It is an unacceptable situation that the cyber criminals are having a field day while the law enforcement authorities watch helplessly. This is a growing global problem that needs concerted efforts to end the cybercrime nightmare that ranges from credit card fraud to identity theft, and it can be devastating for both individuals and companies alike as it inflicts financial and emotional distress to many.
While the very vigilant crackdown on cybercrimes must be relentless, the miscreants must be swiftly and mercilessly brought to book. The cyber glitches that aid and assist the commitment of cybercrimes must be technologically plugged. Prevention must always be better than cure.  It is sad to see innocent people being robbed of their hard-earned money and data by the ruthless cybercriminals. Another case of concern is the rampant hacking of emails and social media accounts like Facebook.
Over the years I have had my Facebook account fiddled with so many times. Despite reporting it to the authorities the malaise merrily continues.  We must all be aware of cybercrime and take every possible precaution by thinking twice before we act and to always question anything that seems too good to be true! 

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