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HP, Bharat Gas Agencies Exploiting People - Joaquim Dias, Chandor
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
HP, Bharat Gas Agencies Exploiting People - Joaquim Dias, Chandor
It is shocking to note that despite daily news reports and the NGO GOACAN bringing to the attention of the Collectorate, civil supplies, transport and legal metrology departments of the Goa government, the irregularities and exploitation of the common people by the agencies of HP and Bharat gas LPG providers nothing is happening.
This gives doubts about the unhealthy connection that may exist to protect these culprits. Water in cylinders, sealing and resealing as they like, infiltration of cylinders, and improper filling is happening in broad daylight. Do the authorities like the Collector even care or take notice of these misgivings appearing in the newspaper? These large companies are minting heavy profits but when it comes to providing value services for the common man, they are behind.
The services of the companies should be streamlined and customers should get LPG stress-free without any issues. Customer care centres’ service and delivery should be hassle-free and door-to-door service.  Poor service should be strictly dealt with by the companies with a complaint system. It is difficult to get an LPG cylinder even when you pre-book. 
In remote interior villages, the elderly and disabled with no support and access to the main road have to wait hours in the hot sun for the agency vehicle which only turns up late afternoon after 2 pm to add to the misery of the customers. The company user app is also very hard to use. Will the government and responsible authorities strictly look at this exploitation happening and bring the companies to task and hold them accountable or will it again ignore leaving people to the mercy of these big sharks?

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Rupesh Pednekar
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
Looting is going on for a long time. From the loot CM and other ministers like the ghattie mami mauvin godinho get their share and so they love to encourage these sellers and companies to make more money.
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