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Walking - A Recipe For Good Health - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
Walking - A Recipe For Good Health - By Aires Rodrigues
It has been very anguishing to witness so many departing very young. Their death could be due to varied reasons including the hectic lifestyle that people today go through. But by keeping ourselves fit and trim it could be a positive way forward. Walking and jogging do not cost us anything except a pair of sturdy shoes but it can go a long way to keep us healthy.
Last year Doctors advised me to walk at least an hour a day, a prescription which I diligently have been following and the feeling has been good. I have been walking from 5 to 6 every morning with the only hindrance being the abundant stray dogs. Now while on a trip to the United Kingdom, I have moved my daily ritual from 5 to 6 in the evening on account of the current climatic conditions. In London with so many parks around it's a delight to walk and exercise while all the dogs around being trained pets with the parks even having designated bins for dog waste.
Let us all encourage others to make it a habit to walk and exercise for the betterment of their health. We would in a way be doing a yeoman service to our already overburdened Goa’s healthcare infrastructure.

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Wednesday - Mar 20, 2024
I totally agree with you. I walk at least 2 miles a day and o other exercises.
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