Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Niz Goenkar
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Women Empowerment Must Be A Reality - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Feb 5, 2024
Women Empowerment Must Be A Reality - By Aires Rodrigues
The law enacted for 33% reservation for Women in Assembly and Parliamentary elections has been a step in the right direction to encourage women to play their role in the political arena and to serve the society. Let us hope this law will be a reality soon. But a mockery should not be made of the good intentions of the lawmakers who framed the policy to encourage women to contribute their bit to public life.
At the Panchayat and Municipal level, we have been sadly witnessing that in many cases the ladies elected are only on paper while their effective role is factually being unlawfully played by their spouse, brother or at times some other relative. The lady candidates like all others must be selected and elected on their own merit and aptitude, not as a front or smoke screen for others to run the show. They must not be puppets on a string manipulated and pushed along the way with no say. This defeats the very purpose of reserving seats for women which is meant for ensuring their empowerment.
Never dull your shine for somebody else. To shine your brightest light, you need to be and represent who you truly are. If you cannot be uniquely you, then please do the honourable thing and let someone else capable of standing on her own two feet take your place. 

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