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Dual Citizenship Already Exists In India - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Jan 14, 2024
Dual Citizenship Already Exists In India - By Aires Rodrigues
It is laudable that Goa’s Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and our NRI Commissioner Adv. Narendra Sawaikar are now pursuing the issue of Dual Nationality with the Central Government. We can only hope that it will be resolved expeditiously. As Pondicherry, a Union Territory in South India allows Dual Nationality, why can’t the same yardstick be applied to Goa?
The launching of the Global Goan Association under the leadership of Qatar based Simon D’Silva is commendable which will give the Goan Community worldwide a strong voice. Goans abroad have invested in Goa whether it is money deposited in Goan banks, holiday homes or in business ventures. Fortunately, in recent years, there have been changes in how overseas Goans perceive Goa.
Many NRIs after years of service abroad long to settle in the land of their origin. The modern NRIs are far more professional, skilled, articulate, motivated, caring, and affluent than the previous generation. They have an empathy towards Goa and regard it as more than just another holiday destination. These sentiments must be tapped by the Government with the aim of achieving mutual benefit. The Global Goan Association could work as a catalyst to see this happen.
Adopting a uniform approach across India would make life a lot easier for many by removing the uncertainty and allowing citizens to enjoy the best of both worlds without any issues at all and for the benefit of the motherland. 

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Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Monday - Jan 15, 2024
Although Pondicherry is a union territory, half of its population are holding dual Citizenship. In this instance I support dotor Aires and hope our govt will consider our case for dual citizenship.
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