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Goenche Pedhe Popularly Known As Dudhpedde - By Arun Baba Naik
Sunday - Jan 14, 2024
Goenche Pedhe popularly known as Dudhpedde are unique in shape, composition and taste and colour as well. To the best of my information nothing is added to the milk except sugar as the milk is boiled and then heated till it turns into a thick paste. This thick paste is then rolled in hands which gives these a rhomboid shape. These are much better than Dharwad pedhas and other pedhas.
However, the famous Jharkhand Peddes has got a GI tag in 2007 and other peddes like Mathura.  Isn't it time for our Goan Dudhphene to get a GI tag?  The other day at a wedding where Pedhas are distributed immediately after the marital ceremony is over, I asked for one more and opened both and had these. My friend Vishwas Mahambrey who was also there and seated next to me kept the pedha which he received in his pocket and I asked him if he's not having it he could hand it over to me which he didn't. Moral of the story: Never sit next to your close friends at a wedding because they don't part with the pedha. Needless to say these were Goan pedde 

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Thursday - Jan 18, 2024
This lying Bamonn Naik again writes non-factual rubbish, this time about Jharkhand and Mathura pedhas. (Dharwad pedha is the only pedha with the GI tag.) Here's the latest official list of GI registered products:
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