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Those Bread Are Gone & Those Bakers are also Gone – By Arun Baba Naik
Thursday - Jan 11, 2024
Those Bread Are Gone & Those Bakers are also Gone – By Arun Baba Naik
ते पाव‌ गेले आनी ते पोदेरूय गेले was an adage prevalent in Goa of the good old days. Though literally it meant that the baked bread and its sellers/bakers (poder) are no longer there its real meaning was that things and customs of the good old days have changed. Because pao, undde, kanknna are still available and so also one can hear the iconic "penk penk" associated with poder (baker). Of course, one may always rue about the quality but that can be always said about anything and everything of the past.
A relative of mine, a Goan settled in Bengaluru whenever comes to Goa where he has a house always relishes Goan undde and pao and raves about these saying there's nothing like a Goencho Unno and Pao and I take pleasure in puncturing his pleasure by telling him " Goencho unddo baked by a Keralite man and sold by a Jharkhand poder (bakers)" . Of course, absolutely nothing wrong in it as people from all over India come here to make a living. Don't we Goans too, go out to make a living now that all are educated and qualified?
While on this some years back we had been to Utorda beach which is a truly beautiful and peaceful beach in Goa and there were a few stalls on one side. Most of these were manned by bhaile (outsiders) and one was by a Goan lady who told us “Baba, te bhaile teche koden gheun naka" (They are outsiders do not buy from them). Of course, when we were buying some things from her a small group of tourists came to her and they too started buying things from her prompting me to ask her " ago, he bhaile nhu?" and she just smiled.
Let's forget this Goencho vs Bailo (outsider) sentiment as long as everyone goes by the law and regulations. Because if you entertain outsider customers we have to tolerate baile (outsiders) business competitors as well. Te pao ani undde asat ani te poderui asat (Those bread are still there and those bakers are also still there)

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Thursday - Jan 11, 2024
Bamonns will never stop lying (notably through their control of the media) to encourage the mass immigration of ghanttis to Goa as cheap labour as well as increased rent income (Bamonns in Goa are basically like Jews in Europe, an outgroup that is always trying to destroy the Christian native majority) and population replacement of the native Catholic majority by undercutting wages while increasing the cost of living and housing. (There's a high probability that the lady on the Utorda beach was a Catholic Saxtticar.) This Fotkiro Naik needs to stop trying to cover up his disgusting group's wrongdoing. The outsider customers were tourists who, although they were probably a nuisance during their stay in Goa, would pack up and go back at the end of their vacation. The migrant workers will stick around permanently because their native places are typical Dharmic dungheaps (ghantti median IQ is similar to that of Africans) and they'll harass Goans like Africans harass Whites (the repeated lying and interference of Dharmic Dindoos making up BS fairytales, while placing idols in church properties and Shivaji statues all over the Velhas Conquistas, are good examples). Also note that Bamonn trash like this Fotkiro Naik preach tolerance for ghanttis but these are the same casteist creatures who demanded admission for their nasty brats in Catholic schools (a good example would be Manohar Parrikar's RSS parents, even the BBSM hypocrite Pandurang Nadkarni put his son Rajas in an English-medium Catholic school) instead of letting them attend government schools with their ghantti pets. Bamonns also don't know anything about Goan bread because it's never been part of their traditional cuisine (it was introduced by the Portuguese and so traditional Goan bakers are Catholics), any statements Bamonns make about such foods are just as nonsensical as any other statements they make about Goa.
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