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The Time Is Ripe For Dual Citizenship - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Jan 8, 2024
The Time Is Ripe For Dual Citizenship - By Aires Rodrigues
The very long-standing demand for Dual Nationality by the Indian diaspora across the world remains unresolved. The recent statement by our External Affairs Minister Mr. S. Jaishankar that the issue is under consideration of the Central government is encouraging. The demand for Dual Nationality has been unanimous and having not been opposed by any quarter, the government should try and bring this issue to a logical conclusion as it would be in everyone’s best interests to put this issue to bed once and for all.
It would be prudent for the Central Government to allow Indians dual nationality as they can have a foreign nationality and still maintain very close links with their motherland. Surely this could be an emotional as well as financial win-win situation for the nation. A positive decision by the government on this issue would come as a great relief to many who, through birth, or for historical and professional reasons, needed to acquire and hold dual citizenship.
Meeting the aspirations of a multitude of Indians now spread across the world would prove extremely beneficial to the diaspora and the motherland, economically and with freedom of movement. It is worth remembering that about half of the countries of the world, including major powers, allow dual citizenship, meaning that a person can be a citizen of more than one country without any issues at all. 

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