Monday, October 2, 2023
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Pramod Sawant Said Quality Of Tourists Needed And Not Quantity
Saturday - Sep 16, 2023
Pramod Sawant Said Quality Of Tourists Needed And Not Quantity
Panjim: "We have seen the consequences of 'quantity tourists' coming to Goa. Goa is currently overfull...Getting 'quality tourists' will benefit everyone... from shack owners to taxi operators. If we want quality tourists, we have to provide quality services." Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant on Friday said Goa needs to attract “quality tourists” and avoid the consequences of “quantity tourists”.
Speaking at the launch of “Goa Taxi App” on Friday, the state supported cab aggregator service, Sawant emphasized that the coastal state was taking several initiatives to attract “quality tourists”. “…We have seen the consequences of ‘quantity tourists’ coming to Goa. Goa is currently overfull…Getting “quality tourists will benefit everyone… from shack owners to taxi operators”. If we want quality tourists, we have to provide quality services.”
Sawant said the tourist footfall in the state will increase once the tourists were assured of their safety, adding that the taxi app was a step in that direction. He said the app will help reduce cost of commuting within the state for tourists, who often complain about high fares charged by local cabs. “It would be unfair if a tourist had to shell out more for travelling within the state than the fare of a flight to the state. Tourists had been complaining that travelling to Goa from Mumbai by flight is cheaper than travelling to a hotel in Goa in a taxi,” he said.
Stressing that the stakeholders in tourism sector have to adopt technology to provide better services, Sawant said the government is taking several steps to improve the ease of living and happiness index of tourists visiting Goa. Sawant said, “The Goa Taxi App shall offer our Goan Taxi operators a technology backed large market platform at best rates. I urge all Taxi operators to embrace the innovative tool for a better, safe, reliable, consumer friendly taxi business in the state…The taxi operators who do not wish to join Goa Miles now have the option of enrolling with the Goa Taxi app.”
Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte said the ‘Goa Taxi App’ has been operational at the Manohar International Airport in Mopa for the past six months and over 500 taxi operators have joined the app. Khaunte said the taxi operators enrolled with the app can avail benefits such as the pension scheme, financial help in marriages and scholarships for their children. “Tourism is the main vertical of the state’s economy. To increase the contribution of tourism to state’s GDP, we should be talking about quality tourists, rather than quantity,” he added.

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joao barros pereira
Sunday - Oct 1, 2023
What do we do with quantity tourists? Can we wish them away? Build campgrounds and make it illegal for them to sleep anywhere except in designated places. Build camping grounds with showers and toilets and cooking facilities for them.
Thursday - Sep 21, 2023
Tomorrow 22/9 is Bab Editor's birthday
Wish him avery happyBday
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Sep 19, 2023
I agree with Mario. These tourists are nuisance and the locals are not benefitted. Furthermore they make a group of 7 to 8 people and come in one car, sleep and cook on the footpath.
Monday - Sep 18, 2023
Stop Indian dogs from other States of India from visiting Goa. Most of them are uncivilized. Most Indian tourists comes to Goa is to abuse drugs and cheap duplicate alcohol available all over Goa and they also enjoy sex offered by girls brought by pimps from outside Goa mostly from North eastern state of India and Nepal.
Sunday - Sep 17, 2023
Wish in the 18th-19th century the Portuguese and our bhatkars had thought the same. When they allowed these kochro ghattis to trundle en mass down the ghats, into Goa
By the 19th century, the Portuguese had lost their empire and mojo and had become lollos. While the bhatkars, like kollos,wanted cheap labor. To replace their mundkars, who had left for Dobitalao, boaticher or gone to east Africa. To avoid being slaves to the bhatkars or work in low paying jobs and hoping by emigrating, to become bhatkars or Patraos, themselves
Now these kochros or their descendants are teaching us how to fk!!
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