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The Rising Star Of Benaulim – By Oscar Ferrao
Monday - Sep 11, 2023
The Rising Star Of Benaulim – By Oscar Ferrao
Warran Alemao needs no introduction, a personality filled with love and compassion for the poor. Having lost his father at a tender age he grew up facing hardships of life. His uncle used his goodness to their advantage and often he used to play second fiddle while doing all the groundwork for uncle Churchill. 
As usual Churchill is ungrateful and feared for the sudden rise in the popularity of hardworking Warren Alemao. Now Churchill says that Warren was looked after like their own son during his sickness and he spent from his pocket about 50 lakhs. Churchill also claims to paying Warren’s monthly expenses even as he lived on the first floor of Case Alemao.
Churchill says all the family feud is at the behest of Joaquim who went one step ahead to see that his son lost the GFA president's election and campaigned against his daughter Churchill say that it’s easy to buy over Warren Alemao with a Few Crores just before elections. Has Churchill forgotten the sacrifice of Warrens father? is Churchill so ungrateful towards his own brother and his nephews?
It’s time that Familia Churchill is laid to rest in politics as young Warren Alemao is all set to join big time politics and a few crores of Churchill won't deter his determination. He has taken up so many social causes, exposed the failures of the government and with the failure of Venzy Viegas in Benaulim it will be only Warren Alemao in 2027.  Who will have the last Laugh.

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Savio Nunes
Sunday - Sep 24, 2023
I personally don't know Warren. He may be a good person, but his involvement in the rape case which was published in the news paper and his family background, makes one to think twice before casting the vote. Alemaos are habitual offenders and the daughter of the senior Alemao was openly asking money with filthy words, when he was the PWD minister. The senior Alemao himself is a big cheater. He cheated one of my friend Albert to the tune of 2 cr. Albert was arrested and sentenced for 2 years, this Varca pig never had the courtesy to see him in the prison. This is just a tip of the iceberg.
Sunday - Sep 24, 2023
Senoritas, Patraos and Patrinas and Kotrinas of Benaulim
Democracy of one's personal choice, if you want to vote for a Warren Buffet or Warren Muppet, vote..simples

My job, like an old, smart fool is to advise from my experience. Our generation also grew up thinking Churchill was a messiah, a dashing 6'3 tallRobin Hood,who would fight for the poor and stand up against the establishment. Sadly, a criminal, like a pig remains a criminal,even if you wash him and make him wear a suit. Churchill, along with his family,like true pigs, tried to eat everything and shat all over the place and rolled in chikool..a pig will remain a dukor

Similarly in 2023, voting for someone from the Alemao clinclan is one red flag.
Voting for someone from the Alemao clan with a rape case against a 14 , FOURTEEN YEAR old, is a huge red flag.
Two red cards or flags, banned for life, no second appeal, MdG rulebook.
If you want to vote, vote, you and you family are gambling,may win may lose, just shows two things,
Desperation( moral and otherwise) and a lack of candidates

I end up with a nice story of my first negative feedback of Churchill.. till this episode I had a high regard for him. Then in the early 1990s I bumped into a friend, a proper Niz Goenkar, who used to distribute Kingfisher beer in South Goa. He was asked to supply x number of crates for an Alemao family function . He did his job and when his time came to collect his dues, was told to collect the empty bottles and FK off.....this is how criminals eventually behave and this is why Churchill lost his goodwill across Salcete and SouthGoa.

Warren may be a saint, or like Yuri may be an utracho munis, I don't know and don't care anymore.
Saturday - Sep 23, 2023
Ok Charlie
I know that I know nothing
Agnelo Pereira
Saturday - Sep 23, 2023
MdG from all your above statements its beyond an iota of doubt that Waran was targeted because of his uncle. The blackmail issue is seen from your own comments , why did verma the lawyer after iris leave the case of the german lady. did he realise the plot in play of blackmail ? The Mastermind might be rotting in hell today and was instrumental in putting churchil behind bars. Waren is Not like his uncle the pig of Varca who only is famous for his false assurances and using those around him for his benefit. waren is not like his uncle a feku but a real socialworker . God bless Waren for his good work and may he be elected in 2027 as Benaulim MLA
Charles Rodrigues
Thursday - Sep 21, 2023
As a Resident of benaulim and having known the Alemao family very well its a known fact that Warren Alemao was the backbone of CHurchill Alemao, so its obvious if u have to put the minister you have to have to target his right hand man. MdG is there any other cases against Warren that you can prove that he is an habitual offender? from your comments its seen you are not a Benaulim Constituency resident , besides you have said that the mother and daughter were made to run in CIRcles by PIMP like AIRES and you were not sure if they received a money deal . You have also cast aspirations on the character of the 14 yrs old girl by saying the girl seemed willing and had this huge circle of hungry dogs around her but was only 14. You in your other admission you say that the girl was characterless as though only 14 had a circle of hungry dogs around her? so the QUestion now arises who were the other hungry dogs that you didnt mention ? why only 2 wee singled out? You said you are not sure if a deal or money was finally paid ? Doesnt this suggest of Blackmail for financial gains ? You have also called Aires a PIMP ? Does GOa not know Aires well and know the Chief Conspirator? IN your own above replies and comments you have admitted indirectly to blackmail for money so why then accuse Warren? MdG you have not mentioned the other Lawyer who took up the case after Aires ? why are you hiding facts with a concoction of your fiction which exposes the plot and motive of the Girl, her mother and the advocate in total. MdG thanks for exposing the plot in your comments. Chao
Tuesday - Sep 19, 2023
a fabricated case was
Why only Warren?
Why not Yuri? Or Reagan or any other Alemao son of a gun??
John Costa
Monday - Sep 18, 2023
There is a saying that the dogs tails will never be straightened even if put in a hallow bamboo. But in the case Of Warren Alemao he has no baggage attached even those opposed to him will not cast asperations on his Character of being a ladies man. Many powerful politicians fall for lust but warren was not a politician but a fabricated case was trust upon him just to settle scores with his uncle. Have you come across any wrongdoing of warren as compared to other habitual offenders .
Victor Dias
Monday - Sep 18, 2023
Warran has a clean image, though allegations were never proven about him . why did the mother of the victim change her advocate. Was it a Frame up as it was an easy avenue to extort money from the uncle who was a minister. The villagers will vouch for his credibility.
Thursday - Sep 14, 2023
Bab Ignatius
A small joke, if I were a voter in Benaulim ( avoid them on Wednesday/ pisso)
I would take everything that Warren would offer and in the booth click on NOTA
NOTA- Not (again) Alemao
Thursday - Sep 14, 2023
Yes Bab Ignatius,
Sadly majority of voters, even educated smart city ones, vote on basis of their personal interests. Which is either that their local MLA is personally known to them and does their work. Come election campaigns and money and goodies flow like water. The character or morals or criminal records doesn't matter.
As for Indian courts, I don't need to say anything more. In the Rum temple Babri Masjid verdict, it filed cases against Advani et al for demolishing it while at the same time handing it over to the RSS fanatics to build their Rum temple. PARADOX
The judge in that case Ranjan Gogoi is a notorious rsole, a drunkard, accused by his junior female staff in sex offences and even became a BJP RS MP on retirement.
In the German rape case, according to my sources, the gal seemed willing and had this huge circle of hungry dogs around her but was only 14. Any normal human knowing this should have walked away but I guess these guys are nor normal or even human. The victim and mother were made to run in circles and mentally harassed , with pimps like Aires playing a major role. Not sure if a deal or money was finally paid but in the end, the mum went back to Germany and sent an email, stating that she and her daughter doesn't wish to pursue the case. Thats how he got accquited....I wouldn't vote for scum such as Warren or harren even if Modi would vanish, if I did so.
Another advise to all smart city folks, is cometh elections and taketh all the goodies and foodies but inside the voting booth vote for the cleanest candidate. Bab MonsteRAT would hardly be able to trace that would he? Also cheating a rapist or fraudster ain't cheating!
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Thursday - Sep 14, 2023
No way bab Mel, I realised only after reading your comment that he was accused in a rape case in September 2008.
However, since I already commented I will defend myself by stating that if the smart city people of Panjim can elect MLA and Mayor who have more criminal records and cases pending in the court, then why not Benaulim people can elect a person who was acquitted by the court in the rape case. Have a nice day Mel.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Wednesday - Sep 13, 2023
Good memory Mel bab. Yes he and Rohit was allegedly involved in the rape case, when his uncle was a PWD minister. Aires made good use of this situation.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Sep 12, 2023
Oscar, I hope and pray that your words come true. As per the local media Warran is in limelight. But who knows after winning the election things might change. Even his uncle Churchill was a Robin hood in early 80s, but when he was elected it was a different story. At present Yuri is doing well as an opposition leader.
Monday - Sep 11, 2023
Rising? Star? Avois mai. The last time he rose to the occasion was in 2008, when he, along with Rohypnol MonsteRAT was implicated in the German minor rape case! Sadly the girl was only 14! Thanks to the machinations of the police and lawyers like Aires, the case was closed.
His father died while smuggling/ transporting X. Marquis' gold. Not while fighting at the border or working for missionaries of charity.

Anyway, the people of Salcete, specially Benaulim, Varca rtc are not the emotional villagers of the 70/80s Most are now shana buggers, and nearly each one of them wants to be an MLA or MP. So hard to do what Ranes do in Sattari, which is fool the people.

However, If they feel he is really good, they will elect him. Or like his uncle, they will consign him to the Sonsoddo political garbage dump. Where most of his mafia family currently reside, thankfully on a permanent basis
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