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Niz Goenkar
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Panjim City Is Decaying With The Mess That Is Created – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Sunday - Sep 10, 2023
Panjim City Is Decaying With The Mess That Is Created – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Very sad to mention that Panjim city has already turned into a mess and slowly this city is seen decaying. The footpaths and the roads are in most pitiable condition and tiles seen lifted as pedestrians are unable to use these footpaths for their daily walk. Obstruction of trees on these footpaths is another problem. Even these fallen trees are been lying unattended for days together and the authorities are sleeping. We see dogs, buffaloes everywhere roaming and shitting all over the pedestrian walk. The roads are full of pot holes and the CCP workers are seen on the job all the time with no results. Can we call this city a Smart City?
Just yesterday I saw some contract workers from a company from Kolbro group Pvt. Ltd (enclosed photo) attending a repair work having no government official supervising them, it seems they will be attending the work up to Dona Paula and very soon these defects will be attended for repairs all over. This cemented road starting from Miramar till Dona Paula which was asphalted is already showing signs of decay. I had told the authorities during the beginning of asphalting that this whole stretch of road will sink one day as this area was originally meant to accumulate sea water and will not be able to stand the traffic on this road.

What I have said earlier in the beginning is coming true, the CCP is all the time engaging the labourers and poor fellows standing in the hot sun attending the repair work. This way our government is spending our tax payer’s amount. This road will be always a curse to Panjimite and will never be motorable. Calling Smart City is really a foolishness as Panjim is slowly sinking. There are no gutters for water to go to the river and with little shower we see rain water accumulating at several places. This is a permanent headache for Municipality to carry on the work having no solution after spending tax payers’ money. 

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Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Sunday - Oct 1, 2023
Mel bab, it's hard to digest yr clarification. There is a saying in hindi "dosthi aur dushmani barabar walenke sat Karini chahe." The doctors from GMC cannot be yr friends unless and until you are equal to them or above.
Friday - Sep 29, 2023
Bab Ignatius
Thanks to Dr Willy, I knew quite a few there . Had quite a few frens many who have retired or left
Same as in the Police dept and even press.
Thanks to Goa being a small place and the main activity being in the old conquest region, you could start you day in Margao, stop over in Bambolim and finish the day in Mapusa
The size of one assembly constituency in Delhi is the same as the whole of Goa!
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Thursday - Sep 28, 2023
Mel bab, as per my observations on your present and previous comments, it seems your network with GMC is very powerful. You also know the surrounding area, like Gopal restaurant, where all the doctors have their lunch. Were you associated with GMC, when you worked in Goa?
Wednesday - Sep 27, 2023
Unrelated news , but wrt decaying
A lil birdie in GMC chirps that Sudin Dhavlikar’s liver is decaying. He’s been admitted and got full
blown cirrhosis and only way is a liver transplant
The good thing is liver, unlike pancreas , is forgiving and can go on for longer. That’s why Parrikar packed up in one year while bebdos who spend all their time at gaadis seem to live forever
I don’t care if Sudin lives or dies. He is one of the most corrupt and communal politicians Goa has ever seen, except may be Aires’ my tai.
Will miss him though as he was to the new conquest / hindu bahujan samaj voters what RG rostad ghatti are to the old conquest christian bonddo voters
Basically he split BJP votes while RG/ AAP split Congress Catholic votes
His brother Deepak is a popot, so I doubt if he can handle the party . With BJP so rampant, as soon as Sudin goes, it will swallow the MJP or what’s left of it
At the end I wonder how Sudin developed cirrhosis, he never drank or smoked. Only thing I can think given he was soo corrupt, like Mauvin did he keep farm houses? Where he ploughed other mens wives ? Or like Mummy Victoria, contracted hep C because his partner was doing more than just praying at the looney Sanatan Saunthashs his wife is a fruit cake religious bigot but fruit cakes can also be the most perverted
whatever it is, whether Sudin lives or not, it will all depend on the liver !!! Sudin, u can fox trot oscar
and people who don’t wear bikinis also catch nasty stds like hep c
har har har
Monday - Sep 11, 2023
Bab Ignatius,

The BJP and RSS propaganda machine will claim that Panjim has been turned into a golden city. Amrit kaal? Honey in the taps and it's raining milk or whisky !
After the landing on the moon and recent G20 all the RSS popots online and their NRI affliates have gone beserk. India is now a new global leader, under vishwa ghoo, Modi. The amount of bullshit being churned out, you expect India now has actually turned into a land of honey . Scratch the surface of all this propaganda and like the above, India stinks and is decaying. Like an old rusted fiat car which has been repainted, under world leader Vishwa ghoo Modi, who now claims it's a Lamborghini baby
GDP , third largest one talks that GDP PER CAPTIA is like 143 in the world, below some of the hampri African countries
Human rights and press freedom and democracy are pathetic, that even Biden publicly spoke out against it, confirmed in a press conference in Vietnam, While Modi and his godi media refused to have a similar press conference in India.
RSS and Modi would even gobble up Nazi Dr Josef Goebbels, in churning out pure bullshit and propaganda

In other RSS bs news, tomato has been declared anti national and a Portuguese agent. It's new name will be tamatar.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Sunday - Sep 10, 2023
What do you expect from a ghantti raj. I fully blame the people of Panjim for electing their MLA and the Mayor.
Sunday - Sep 10, 2023
Kolbro Group is a Nagpur-based company. Third World ghantti personnel leads to Third World ghantti outcomes. Demographics is Destiny.
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