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Two Migrants Caught For Murdering Another Migrant At Rumdamol, Davorlim
Sunday - Sep 3, 2023
Two Migrants Caught For Murdering Another Migrant At Rumdamol, Davorlim
Margao: Commending the police personnel, South Goa Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek Dhania on Saturday said that the Maina-Curtorim police have promptly cracked the case of murder of Sadique Bellary of Rumdamol-Davorlim within 24 hours by arresting the migrant duo, commonly called GANTTIS, Tousif Kademani aged 20 years, and Kadar Faiyaz Khan, aged 28 years at Bankapur in Karnataka. It is a crime by ganttis against another gantti. Ganttis of this nature are filled in Margao by Digambar Kamat as a vote bank, are of murderous nature according to the Goans, who live fearfully in this area.
In a press release, Dhania further said that the motive behind the murder was previous enmity. He added that the accused have confessed to committing the murder. Meanwhile, addressing media in the presence of Maina-Curtorim police inspector Arun Desai, the Deputy Superintendent of Police Santosh Desai said, “With the help of Karnataka police, the Goa police teams laid a trap at Bankapur where the duo was traced. Though originally from Saunor in Karnataka, they were staying at Davorlim reportedly on rent.
The police teams arrested the two accused and they were brought to Goa at around 4 a.m. on Saturday. The police are investigating the case in detail. The murder was committed using a sharp weapon.” Meanwhile, the post-mortem on the body of Bellary was conducted on Saturday and the body was handed over to his family.
Meanwhile, Desai informed that the accused in the Maddel-Fatorda murder case was also arrested on Saturday. The accused will be produced before the court for remand.  “Upon getting information we managed to arrest Viresh Malar, the accused in the murder of a labourer where the accused killed the deceased by bludgeoning his head with a stone. We are trying our best to establish the identity of the deceased,” Desai said adding that the accused has confessed to the crime. Sources informed that footage from a nearby CCTV camera also helped the police to get some clues which helped in detecting the murder.

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Sunday - Sep 10, 2023
Nice pic: 14 vs 2 !!!
This reminds of an incident that happened in Mapusa in early 70s: when Goa Fire Services were in its infancy, news came out that there was a fire at the local Asilo dos Indigentes (Old peoples' Asilum). They asked us directions and we at once led the way for them on our bicycles. When they reached the spot it turned out to be a misleading call as inquiries at the office said "no fire here..." but a cleaner boy came over and said: "ma'am some rice gunny bags caught fire in the morning but we put it off with buckets of water..." As in those days only fire brigade was in Panjim, one had to go the telegraph dept to make a phone call, someone must have to the local office and given a call to the Fire Brigade...
Well, to cut a long story short, after this scenario the FB personnel were rolling up their equipment a young lad commented: "you all have come from so far, at least spray some water at the spot...'
"you think we are fools to do that..."? The boy replied: "are, thoddem tori udok marlear faleam paper-hacher tumcho fottu ietlo mure..."
Monday - Sep 4, 2023
Migrants?? I bet they must be born her, or at least have documents to show that their grandparents have been born here, like our Marathi ghatti Rostad Ghatti RG Manoj Parab UZOOOOO. Today we are the outsiders
Why blame only Digamber?? Babu Naik started this trend in Margao, as part of Dr Jack's UG inspired demographic changes, to counter MGP Marathi manoos with Kannadiga and Mallu ponoos.
Luzonoo then built his own vote bank across the railway bridge and now fat boy Reginaldo has built his Kargil baasti.
Today draw a circle of around 1 km with Margao municipality as centre and it will represent the filth and scum of the earth
Panjimites, the residence of Jack, were lucky. If I'm not mistaken, there was a smart Mayor, who foresaw this and dumped all this kochro to Chimbel, Tambdi Maati and St Cruz, even offering them houses under 20 point programme. Hence Panjim is pretty clean, at least compared to Margao & Vasco
WelCUM to Navi Govaaah
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