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Panchayat Cup Tournament In Candolim – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Thursday - May 25, 2023
Panchayat Cup Tournament In Candolim – By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
In the Panchayat Cup soccer tournament in the encounter between Pomburpa and Marna Siolim yesterday, played at Dr. Gustavo MONTEIRO ground in Candolim, the Siolim team did not find it difficult to Gain the maximum number of points from this encounter as the Marna Siolim out beat the Pomburkemkar by scoring thrice, the first two goals were scored by their speedy and energetic finisher DALWISH Pednekar and rightly and of course consequently he was awarded the Man of the match award thru the hands of the Chief Guest Eugene Cardoso who was the most popular and famous sportsman of Candolim and of Goa during his days. 
He was the GOA XI custodian having innumerable plusses to his credit including serving of Dempo soccer team for so many years in his capacity as custodian. He got innumerable Certificates, diplomas and degrees from the concerned authorities qualifying him to take up any job either as a Coach or administrator. His sports administrator skill is highly competent enough to rule anywhere. After the death of Fr. Chico Monteiro, he was running the affairs of Candolim sports and the first thing did to improve the standard of Candolim soccer playing boys he formed the Foot-ball Academy but this proposal diplomatically side tracked by one non-Goan who was as a naturalized citizen of Candolim was getting jealous when doing something good for Candolim.
Coming back To the yesterday match, it started well ar fasf pace when within 15 minutes the winners scored their first goal but within a few minutes the keeper of POMBURBENKAR BROUGHT excellent save. Thereafter Pomburbenkar brought more pressure on the`` defensive of Siolim but nothing can they did to reduce e margin. Earlier, before the starting of the match, the Chief Giest Eugeno Cardoso whose family members are serving the Candolim, Goa and India so well starting from his father.

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