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CS’s Intervention Sought For Dismissal Of Rancid Psi Narayan Pinge - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - May 12, 2023
CS’s Intervention Sought For Dismissal Of Rancid Psi Narayan Pinge - By Aires Rodrigues
Goa Chief Secretary Punit Goel’s intervention has been sought to ensure that the very notorious Police Sub Inspector (PSI) Narayan Pinge is immediately dismissed from service. PSI Pinge is accused of very serious offences of rape, bigamy and cheating.  This delinquent PSI committed all those offences while being under probation. Infact the rape of that young lady from Vasco was committed by him first time at Nasik while he was under training at the Police Training Academy there.
A preliminary inquiry conducted by the Goa Police has with documentary evidence indicted PSI Narayan Pinge of all charges and recommended his dismissal from service. The said PSI Pinge despite being married had the boldness of officially marrying the young lady he raped. 
PSI Narayan Pinge is also accused of having cheated the young lady and her aged parents to the tune of almost eighty lakhs. There is documentary police evidence to the effect that PSI Pinge misusing his authority as a Police officer took that young lady to various starred Hotels in Panaji and repeatedly raped her. PSI Pinge currently posted at Agaçaim Police Station is the darkest black spot within the Goa Police and must in public interest be eliminated.
Our police have a sacred duty of upholding the law and should never be above the law. They must be the icons that people must look up to not be devoid of integrity and honesty. The Chief Secretary and Director General of Police need to immediately intervene and ruthlessly eliminate this darkest black spot within the Goa Police.

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Ashley Fernandes
Sunday - May 14, 2023
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