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Congress Likely To Win Against Communal BJP In Karnataka Elections
Tuesday - May 9, 2023
Congress Likely To Win Against Communal BJP In Karnataka Elections
Bangalore: The campaign for the high-profile Karnataka assembly elections 2023 ended yesterday i.e. on 8 May at 5 pm. Since the past few days, the poll-bound state witnessed star campaigners from all three major political parties - BJP, Congress and JD(S) have been holding mega rallies and road shows in a bid to woo the voters.
Now an opinion poll has showed that Congress would emerge as the single largest party in the upcoming Karnataka elections on 10 May. The opinion poll was conducted by India TV-CNX opinion poll. As per the projections, Congress could likely win 105 seats while the ruling BJP could see 85 seats. The opinion poll also projected Janata Dal Secular (S) may win 32 seats while others may win two seats.
As per the projects, Congress may get 40.32 percent seats while BJP may get 35-5 percent seats, followed by JD-S at 17.81 percent seat.  As per cast and community wise votes, the opinion poll projected that Congress may get 78 percent of Muslim votes, Kuruba (75.3 percent), Lingayat (15.11 percent), Vokkaliga (17.57 percent), SC (40.56 percent), OBC (34.58 percent), ST (42.35 percent). In comparison to this, BJP could get 2.07 percent Muslim votes, Kuruba (15.14 per cent), Lingayat (75.8 percent), Vokkaliga (17.39 percent), SC (39.6 percent), OBC (51.7 percent), ST (32.18 percent). The projection also showed that JD-S may get 56 percent votes from Vokkaliga.
The opinion poll projections also showed Congress leader and former CM Siddaramaiah as people's first choice for CM's post with 32.2 percent votes while 26.83 percent preferred Basavaraj Bommai. Other leaders like former CM HD Kumaraswamy (16.37 percent), BS Yeddyurappa (10.97 percent) and DK Shivakumar (7 percent).
Speaking of region wise projection, the opinion poll survey showed both BJP and Congress will likely 15 seats each in Greater Bengaluru while in Central Karnataka BJP may win 13 and Congress may win only 8 seats. The opinion survey projected majority of seats for congress from Hyderabad-Karnataka region with 32 seats out of 40 seats while BJP may win only 6 seats, JD-S with 2 seats. In Old Mysore, of the total 62 seats, Congress may win 26, JD-S 28 and BJP 7 seats. In coastal Karnataka, of the total 19 seats, BJP may win 15 while Congress 4 seats. Other region like Bombay Karnataka which has a total of 50 seats, the BJP may win 29 while Congress 20.
However, this is not the first opinion poll survey which predicted win for the Congress party. According to the ABP-CVoter opinion poll, the Congress party is expected to win the majority of seats and form the government in Karnataka, with the BJP suffering significant losses and the Janata Dal (Secular) performing poorly.
Another survey by India Today-CVoter predicted that the ruling BJP is anticipated to lose the Karnataka assembly election. The opinion poll predicts that the BJP may only secure 74-86 seats, which is a decrease of 24 seats from the number they won in 2018. Eedina, a Kannada outlet, conducted a pre-poll survey that predicted majority for the Congress party with 32-140 seats, while the BJP is expected to secure 57-65 seats.
Only opinion poll survey by The Zee News-Matrize predicted that BJP will emerge as the party with the largest number of seats. The Karnataka assembly elections will be held in a single phase on May 10, with the counting of votes scheduled on May 13. The majority mark to form the government is 113 seats. Notably, Karnataka is the only State in the South where BJP is in power.
Meanwhile, the EC in its advisory to political parties also stated no party or candidate should publish any advertisement in the print media on poll day and one day prior without clearance from the media certification and monitoring committee. "No political party or candidate or any other organisation or person shall publish any advertisement in the print media on poll day and one day prior to poll day unless the contents of political advertisement are got pre-certified by them from the MCMC at the state/district level, as the case may be," the advisory stated. Forty-eight hours before the end of polling are considered the silence period.

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Saturday - May 20, 2023
What the masses and rses fail to grasp is not a simple case of 'buying' MLAs but a massive gameplane to 'takeover' and loot India
Just as in the India Against Corruption IAC 2011 Anna Hazare movement. Which was sponsored by MODI / Gujjus and brains were RSS Bamons. Why? Let me give my two paise worth conspiracy theory-- the basis of which I call apartheid India. We saw how 5-10% whites ruled in Apartheid South Africa, looting it's resources and grabbing vast tracts of land. What brought it down? Nelson Mandela ANC and democracy, where one white vote= one black vote. Kaboom, the whites, their women and their farmers are now being ploughed by the Zulus and other hampris, when they are not killing each other!

India is ALSO AN APARTHEID BASED SOCIETY, BUT UNLIKE 200 years of SOUTH AFRICA, IT WAS BUILT OVER 5000 years So you had the original black skinned Dravidians, gawdas, velips Kunbi or abroginal tribals, all originally African in origin, gradually displaced by lighter skinned, possibly Caucasian origin Aryans. These Aryans smartly created the Hindu religion and caste system and despite being 5-15 % managed to dominate the rest. Not only dominate but dehumanise and keep some of them like animals, such as dalits. Through their caste system. Post independence, in comes Congress, socialism and democracy and the tables are turned
Despite all the bravado and chest thumping nationalism and desh bakti, BJP / RSS chaps represent the interests of the original aryan T3 tilak talwar taraju, 5-15-% upper castes, with a big worm up their backsides. They have been forming Governments since the 1990s and in almost all states, even in Goa, whenever they ruled for 5 years, they get KICKED out after 5 years. WHY? Because they are anti poor and anti lower caste and anti labour/ farmers. So the best they can do is divide and rule, start riots, split the opposition and win elections.Just like they have been winning in Goa in 2017 and 2022 Their biggest enemy???? DEMOCRACY
Just as in South Africa, they know that one bamon vote= one dalit vote is a recipe for disaster.
Here is the Modi magic, he like Parrikar, is one leader who comes in a generation. He wears various masks, fooling the masses that he's an OBC ( when actually he's trader, Traju T , a baniya , modh caste) fooling people that he's a chaiwalla( when all he did was sat on his arse in his uncle's canteen) and a desh bakt with a virulent anti muslim stand.
RSS bamons knows that he won't last for ever, so they are making hay while the sunshines and trying their best to dismantle democracy. Starting with the pillars, such as judiciary, all central Government departments such as CBI, Election commision and all. Besides buying over the press and media.
The biggest thorn in their flesh is the Congress party, a party responsible for uplifting the dalits, obc and farmers. Recent elections in Karnataka have shown that when the obc and dalits and minorites join and pee on the BJP, they get washed away into the Arabian/ Indian ocean.
Hence they have tried their best to destroy it, using the media to label Rahul as useless or pappu and trying to break their Governments across the country. When not arresting, torturing or buying their MLAs and party workers. The vaccum or void left by a weakened Congress is also filled in by parties 'CREATED' by RSS such as AAP, ROSTAD GHATTI and MiM.
Thats all I have to say.... don't get emotional, vote for something that you get in hand or your or your family really benefits.
Yesterday they demonitized the 2000 rupee note. Why? Simple, as Adani lost 100 billion dollars after being exposed and urgently needs tons of bank loans. How will banks have that much money to loan out? Yep, deposit the 2000 rupee with them!! Simples
Saturday - May 20, 2023
Dear Mel, I am talking about Goa congress only and not about other states. The ground reality is that Goans are confused because of the defection. BJP gets money from the top industrialists and they are the one who are ruling India and not Modi. In Goa BJP got only 33% and the rest 67% are anti BJP. But yet with the money and muscle power they get majority. This is the mess made by Congress candidates.
Thursday - May 18, 2023
Rudy says
BJP will buy 15 Congress candidates—- Is that ok???? BUY or bai ?? What have you done about buying? Is it legal or moral or even democratic? Where does this ‘buy’ money come from? Do they pay GST? Or IT? Is this only a Goan issue?
Madhya Pradesh- Congress Govt brought down with Scindia bought
Maharastra- MVA Govt brought down with Shinde bought
Karnataka- Congress JDs Govt brought down with MLAs bought
Goa— even AFTER they have majority, they still went back and bought another 8 Mlas , have you asked why? and how come they have soo much of spare change? Apparently they paid Ruddy the goonda 50 kokas or crores
Rajasthan- they tried to bring down Gehlots Govt by buying Pilot and MLAs but plan failed
- So this is a national Gujju conspiracy, to destroy the opposition by simply using Adani black money to buy their MLAs. One side use Govt machinery such as ED and CBI ( stick) scare the MLAs and then offer 50 crores and buy them ( carrot)
Rudy is this goody?? Why blame only the Congress whores? What about the customer (Modi) and pimp ( Adani)
Most importantly, what about the masses who voted ? See Rudy, it’s a bigger plan here,
masses and asses generally vote for a winner. If each time you vote Congress, the MLA defects,
then why vote Congress at all? Just give up and vote….parties als floated by BJP such as RG
This is called politics or Chanakya neethi.. the use of tokli
Thursday - May 18, 2023
Verbum sapienti satis est ( google kor, bondya)
Or as per Talmud, A word to the wise is sufficient, but for a fool not even a stick helps.
No wonder they named you ‘Mar’io , Mar- O!! Sadly, even a 1000 stick mar can’t turn a donkey into a horse

If you read all my rambling, never ending comments, it has one message. Defeat the BJP. Whoever is the strongest to do so, vote for them. Whether it’s TMC in Bengal, SP in Up or Congress in South Goa . At the end all are chors and lampiaos, but BJP and Modi are the worst of them all, specially for us Catlicks!
Thursday - May 18, 2023
I fully agree with you Mario. Congress is fully responsible for the mess in Goa. By chance during the next election if Congress get 20 seats and BJP only 10 to 12, Congress will never be able to form the govt but BJP will buy 15 Congress candidates, who will sell themselves like prostitutes. This is Congress.
Wednesday - May 17, 2023
MdG...keep on licking Congress assh in Goa, the party solely responsible for all evil in Goa...dont come out of congress filth so that BJP can forever rule seems like maroon just because I am suggesting to vote either for Goa AAP or RG your rotten brain thinks that I am RG and AAP. Stop Day dreaming of Congress will ever rule Goa again.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - May 16, 2023
I am glad that communal BJP is out from South India. Hats off to the people of Karnataka. The difference was made by Muslims. Can we do it in Goa?
Tuesday - May 16, 2023
Maria seems like one of those bondo moronic RG supporters… uzzoo
What happened to Pogo ani maicho gho? Uzzo pallolo? After BJP cooked their meal, fire is out?
Now like a dukor, wait outside kumao, for patal bhaji flavoured sht

As for AAP, as per CBI charge sheet, money made from liquor scam in Delhi, was diverted to Goa, for elections!!
AAM mango people - wonder how people in benaulim and velim voted aap, most of them are not aam or common people, they all think they are khaas or special . They think big, talk big and walk around with a gold chain dangling to their tummies.. like bday boy Churchill
The only thing aam or mango look alike are their big bellies!!!
Monday - May 15, 2023
Mario, they say one word to the wise is enough.
AAP was not founded by Kujriwala but by Anna Hazare, through the IAC movement of 2011. Which was sponsored by Modi and RSS.. proof, wherever AAP has gone, they have eaten into the Congress vote bank and helped BJP. Like Delhi and Punjab. Even in Goa, two Catlick areas voted AAP MLAs, why not rural pernem, canaconoa or Sanguem?
Secondly, this is say with 1000% faith, RG was sponsored and founded by BJP Chanakya of Goa, satish Dhond. I have written several articles, comments..its up to people with brains to read.
At the end Mario, even in court of law, one can actually convict someone based on whether he actually benefitted the most from an incident.
Godhra riots who benefitted the most?
Pulwama bombing of CRPF convoy, who benefitted the most?
AAP RG and TMC presence in Goa, who benefitted the most?
Look at neigbouring Karnataka, the BJp there got nearly the same percentage of votes as in Goa, around 30-35% but were decimated! How come they got majority here? Tokli usar kor, hope u have studied maths 1+1=11 and passed your SSC
RG in Bicholim, which is where Tokuram Parab and Satish Dhond are from, percentage of votes 2% 593 votes yes 2 paise worth.This is what their own people think of them !!!
While in most Catlick dominated constituencies they polled 1000s of votes, causing Congress to lose. Let it be
If one has a hampri tokli, no use trying to teach them maths or politics, bondos will remain bondos..mog uron ..
Monday - May 15, 2023
In Goa it will forever BJP Govt, unless Congress voters stop voting for Congress party and choose either Goa AAP or RGP amass (anyone).Reason the BJP need to required to spend much like large state to borrowed elected Congress crook(new/old. There are many donkeys in Goa who even now think that Congress party should give tickets to new one to form congress Govt in Goa....I will tell them they are just day dreaming.
Sunday - May 14, 2023
Turkey..... not cold turkey but for those interested in politics, today is another significant day. National elections
So why I chose Turkey.. they have an idtiot President Erdogan there for 20 years, who is a carbon copy of Modi.
Both are 8 numbers, he's born on 26th Feb, sha@ni afflicted losers, who have taken over their countries and WRECKED IT.

Before Erdogan took over, Turkey was a modern European country, with a booming economy and was peaceful and happy. In comes the paanuti, like Modi, destroyed the economy, inflation at 85%, religious Islamic fundamentalism, one brother fighting another and caused deaths of lakhs in the recent earthquake. He blamed the earthquake as act of God, fair enough but he was the one, through his cronies, that made the buliding regulations lax and caused substandard constructions, that collapsed like a pack of cards.
Besides he has jailed most opponents, taken over the media and most importanly the judiciary and spread hatred and fear...a mix of Turkish Islamic nationalism .... sounds familiar eh..Hindu Indian nationalism
Only difference, unlike hijra Modi behan, he has the guts to take on the West, while Modi wipes American/ Trumps butts.

This joker has a staunch following of illiterate, mostly rural and medieval followers. Willing to kill and die for ...something. Just like our UP bhaiyas ans Gujju behans are die hard supporters of hijra Modi, only difference, when it comes to dying, they will lift their dhotis and run away.
So.. I think Modi should rule for another 10 years, by then India will be a proper sub saharan african country.. jumbo bana
Saturday - May 13, 2023
Bab Mario, results are out and don't care who won but BJP LOST and LOST MISERABLY.
Now even if they wanted to form a Govt, they will need roughly 50 MLAs, with a discount of 40 crores per head and having to pay Governor, press, police and even Supreme (turn) coat, the maths would be like
MLA costs 50x 40 - 2000
Plus -- 500 - for additional expenses
Roughly around 2500 crores, no GST as cash only
Peanuts, compared to what these Gujjus have looted in last 10 years but coming in a national election year, it still would be painful peanuts...
Moral of the story: Sometimes you stand up and fight, for what is right without thinking of profit and loss..amka kitem meta
Or like Churchill or Reginaldo, despite having tons of charbi or gordur, you become a dukor and sit outside the BJP kumao. Waiting for a fresh batch of patal baji flavoured sht...
Friday - May 12, 2023
Mario, by that logic, we ALL die someday
Then what’s the use of living for today??
Thursday - May 11, 2023
Exactly Mario, this is exactly how the BJP and Modi have brainwashed the masses. They even coined a slogan, aiyega toh Modi hi. Translated by me, Despite all the campaigns Modi would eventually come to power, by hook or by crook
( mostly crook, until he croaks)
Here is where I disagree. Yes, who is not corrupt? Even super clean AAP has Ministers in Tihar jail on corruption charges. It takes two hands to clap, when a Congress MLA, like Goonda Ruddy,takes 50 crores and joins BJP its not simple as a-=b=c, hence c=a. It sets about several chain reactions, including the displacement of the original BJP karyaKUttas from Santa Cruz. Like Parrikar's son got kicked out from a party which his own father laid the foundations in Goa!
Modi is the glue that holds all these corrupt politicians under one big umbrella.In one hand he holds the stick ( Police ED and CBI) other hand is carrot( 50 crores per MLA , GIDC Chairman etc) This keeps all da pimps under control, but for how long? ??

Thanks to soo many turncoats, there's NO second rung BJP Leadership nutured by Modi. This is not accidental but intentional, to prevent a challenge to his leadership. Once Modi goes, all these rattlesnakes, rapists, murderers and corrupt rsoles will turn on each other and eat each other. That will be a spectacular scene, with the public watching.

So dont look at the fruits, just keep up the fight. One way we can all help is to contact our friends, relatives and foes in South Goa Lok Sabha 2024, asking them to vote for the strongest party that can beat the BJP. Which we all know .
In North Goa, where thanks to Marathi bahujan Samaj, BJP will win by 1 lakh + votes even if they put up a dukor, please vote RG or AAP or Papp or TMC or FKMC or even dukor Churchill Alemao!!
Thursday - May 11, 2023
Even if Congress formed Govt with JD, within few months the corrupt from Congress will defect to BJP to form BJP Govt...Jai Hind....Jai Integration of Democracy in India
Wednesday - May 10, 2023
Thank, Bab Editor
We call these people ghattis but who are the real ghattis now? The Congress party there stood firm and put up a honourable fight. Against the might of the demon Modi Government. While in Goa, all our Catlick leaders, like dukors, went into the BJP Kumao, to eat sht. Ranging from Reginadlo to Churchill and Luizonno and Hampri Lobo. Tuh on them
Some even took an oath in front of God, tuh tuh
Reasons the Congress will win in Karnatake ( unless evms rigged)
1) Pathetic BJP state Government with massive corruption 40% sarkar
2) No BJP paid jokers like TMC, AAP or RG there to split opposition votes. Just three way fight, with JDS, like our MGP with their traditional farming or Vokaligga community supporting them. So not only eating into Congress but at times into BJP votes as well.
3) Strong Congress organisation at grassroot level, with dedicated vote bank. Unlike our Catlicks, who tend to be shana buggers and look for the next best or smartest kumao, such as RG flavoured
4) Some of the communities, such as Lingayats, not keen on BJP virulent anti minority stance. They have a long tradition of tolerance and secularism, so are uncomfortable with BJP's trump card, anti muslim. Unlike the North India bhaiyas and Gujjus behans, who simply love to rape and murder, in name of religion and with police as a condom.
5) People have seen the stark difference in quality of life and development, under BJP vs Congress
6) Again, free rations and such doles won't make much of a difference in a fairly rich state like Karnataka. Compared to states like UP Bihar, or bimaru states. Where standard of living is so pathetic, 1 kg of salt and rice is manna for these bhaiyas, better than eating gobar. So Modi is their God!

How can Goa benefit from Karnataka Congress rule? Rahul can subtly bring pressure to slow down the Mhadei issue. Transfer of manpower and sense of confidence in the South Goa Congress Lok Sabha fight back. Even support Congress MVA in neighbouring Maharashtra. Blow to the image that Modi and Shah are election winning machines.

Take home point, my advise to my Catholic brethren, tough times don't last, tough people last. Hang in there
Fight a honourable fight and live honourably, money and power are not everything. Don't fall for Rostad Ghatti propaganda and harm these Kannadigas. They are our natural allies, versus the poisonous bahujan samaj marathi mannos and now BJP turned faithful dogs. We are just 20% and to be in power or win elections we need 20-30% votes to add up. Historically, the marathi bahujan has always tried to destroy our culture and identity, their own way of cilvil war or saying thank you to the original Niz Goenkars, like the tamil ghattis did to the local Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. ..kaboom
Ally with these yellapa bassapa, and control the naiks and pandurangas... when time comes, make bassappa or lingappa fight damodar or pandu kar. Instead of foolishly collecting money for RG, sitting in Nondon. Like trees buying axes for a wood cutter, stupid morons,
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