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Puppet On A String Pramod Sawant Pressures Goans To Support BJP
Tuesday - Apr 25, 2023
Puppet On A String Pramod Sawant Pressures Goans To Support BJP
Panjim: Appealing to the people to continue showering their love and affection on him, Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant on Monday said that the directorate of higher education has taken a good step on the occasion of his 50th birthday by launching a skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling initiative. Replying to his birthday felicitation by the (communal) Bharatiya Janata Party at the city party headquarters, the Pramod also pressured all the Goans to support his ‘Swayampurna Goa 2.0’ initiative, during the year.
Earlier, Sawant was felicitated by the communal state BJP president Sadanand Tanawade on behalf of the party. Minister for Transport Mauvin Godinho, Minister for Social Welfare Subhash Phaldesai and party MLAs including Digambar Kamat, Aleixo Sequeira, Ganesh Gaonkar and others were present on the occasion.
Speaking further, the Chief Minister said that the state BJP unit has planned his birthday with the theme ‘Seva, Sushasan, Jana Kalyan’ and ensured that the public service is involved in these celebrations. Tanawade said that the people of Goa have placed their trust in Sawant, during his past four-year tenure as the Chief Minister. He also wished that the ‘Swayampurna Goa 2.0’ dream of Sawant gets fulfilled soon.
The state BJP chief further mentioned that all the national leaders of the party have described Sawant as a hardworking Chief Minister while congratulating him on his birthday. He also sought blessings from the public for Sawant. Earlier, pujaris chanted Vedic mantras to bless Sawant and his wife Sulakshana. A large number of people from all walks of life also greeted the Chief Minister on the occasion at the city BJP headquarters.

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Friday - Apr 28, 2023
I doubt it Anon Reader, as long as Modi is sitting in Delhi. Yes, upto 2014, the bamons in the RSS and BjP wielded most of the power behind the scenes. With the rise of Modi, that has changed dramatically. What you now see is a GMC - Gujarati Marwari Cartel led by Modi, which has taken over India and looting it to the hilt. In order to keep doing so, they have to REMAIN in power. So they have acepted anyone or anything that walks or crawls or burrows, into their party, as long as they win elections.

In doing so, they have diluted or clipped the wings of their own powerful bamon lobby, be it in UP, with Rajput Yogi in charge. Or in Maharashtra, where Bamon Fadnavis was sidelined in favour of turncoat Shinde. You can even see it in Goa, with the founding father of BJP, bamon Parrikar's son Utpal getting kicked out, with the ticket given to someone who ticks all the red boxes for the original bamon RSS. A minority Christian, criminal, child rapist and uneducated thug! As long as he could guarantee seats and money, he's welcome. This is the new BJP under the GMC Modi, a glorified sulabh saunchalay. . Everyone is welcome to join in and take a dump, as long as you pay the entry fee and win elections. The bamons have been sidelined but not out yet....politics can turn and even the mightiest have lost elections. So what is a ganchi teli baniya, also a fake Obc, fake chaiwalla, 7th std dropout and illiterate with a fake degree, a fake marriage and a fake adopter of Nepali boyx...nothing . May last for one year or max 6 years. The bamons have been doing this for 6000 yrs!!! So Modi is just passing by,like a true g@y man, making a lot of noise and drama but eventually will pass by, The country belongs to GSBs like Diggu andi Bikku
Thursday - Apr 27, 2023
I foresee the Bamonns trying to replace him with one of their own (maybe Diggu) the next time around. No idea if they will succeed.
Wednesday - Apr 26, 2023
Khollapuri ghati fod-tea
Kitem Swayamphrna? Take Sulakshan and do SwayamVar..glorious Indian tradition
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