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Our Sanjeev Departed So Suddenly - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Mar 23, 2023
Our Sanjeev Departed So Suddenly - By Aires Rodrigues
In the sudden death of our outstanding Sanjeev Verenkar, we have lost a journalist of high repute, who above all was a marvellous human. Having known Sanjeev for many decades right from our student days, he always was a simple and affable Soul but always outspoken. Always a strong, caring, kind hearted person to the core.
A proven prolific writer Sanjeev would never send in news without checking and double ascertaining the facts even if he was missing his newspaper’s deadline. This is one quality of Sanjeev that all those venturing in journalism should ensure to guarantee absolute accuracy in news reporting. Sanjeev Verenkar’s simplicity and humbleness will live for a long time to come as he was also so very soft-spoken, yet very firm in thought and resolute with what he wrote. The hallmark of his writings was always borne out by the writer’s creed that the ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’.
May Sanjeev Verenkar’s life and values always remain a source of inspiration and guidance to us all especially those in journalism. Goa has so suddenly lost a wonderful and down to earth Soul, a void that may never be filled. Our brother Sanjeev always maintained the highest levels of ethics and values as a journalist, writer and more importantly as a true Goenkar.

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Menino Fernandes
Friday - Mar 24, 2023
Sanjeev had sent me many writings in Konkani devanagiri script. He knew me personally and we had a good relationship. I am very very sad that suddenly a good writer left this world. May his soul rest in peace.
Bomu Kale
Friday - Mar 24, 2023
Very sad to hear, may his soul rest in peace
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