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Politics Between Casino Lobby And CCP - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Thursday - Mar 16, 2023
Politics Between Casino Lobby And CCP - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Just now on 16th March at 18 hrs I saw the controversial structure which I reported already few days back to PWD AND CCP for ongoing work in full swing opposite the petrol pump near the old secretariat building. Just few days back the newly appointed Commissioner Mr. Madeira has published a report in the local press that this structure is unwarranted and illegally was built and now coming with additional umbrella on their metallic structure.

Now, to make it entry into this structure they have broken a compound wall which is adjacent to the footpath. It is more embarrassing that a number of vessels already taken their shelter and docked this new jetty structure. I am sure these Casino lobby must be having links with politicians who supported them to build a well-designed cover at the entrance of this broken compound wall. Now I strongly feel that this new jetty will remain a permanent structure to accommodate Casinos.

We Panjimite are been put in fix as no respect is there for us when we are thinking to get rid of Casinos, they are further spreading their tentacles along with the Panjim jetty which is almost corroded their piers as no safety is there for those who visit these Casino buildings. This is the time before expanding further constructions in the river Mandovi better the authorities like CCP, CAPTAIN OF PORTS AND PWD and the Government whichever in power must stop this menace. See the photos at the construction and now today at 6 pm the work at the entrance is going on in full swing by erecting a big cover after challenging the authorities. 

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Bhumiputtar de Goa
Friday - Mar 17, 2023
Where is our good old MonsterRat who promised us to remove these Casinos within a 100 days of his getting elected. By the way he not only got elected as Mate of Looters' Alliance (MLA)but as a Mon_ster, er... Minister, his wife as Mate of Looters' Alliance (MLA) and their offspring as the Mayor of a city called Panjim.
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