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Unruly Indian Couple At Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velha Goa – By Lyndon Pereira
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2023
Unruly Indian Couple At Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velha Goa – By Lyndon Pereira
It was me who recorded this incident, even though no credit was given by any publication or press, such incidents of unruly tourists occur on a daily basis, it isn't the first time, but this went too far, because the tourist couple was drunk on Holi. It was a crucial moment, because me being the resident-Sacristan/Vestryman of the Basílica do Bom Jesus, had to prepare for the English mass at 18:00, Fr. Cedric Gomes Catão SJ, arrived to celebrate.
At 17:28 I received a call from the chief of the security guards, Pt. Uday Giri, informing about the unruly tourist couple. The Basílica timings for tourists from Monday to Saturday is from 09:00 to 17:00, only on Sunday it's from 11:00 to 17:00, this is because of the 09:15 English mass. Beyond closing hours at 17:00 the church is closed for tourists, it was only opened for the baptised, because of the Kurpechim Novena/Novena de Graça de S. Francisco Javier. I represented the Basilica for filing an NC report as none were around at the very hour, but by then the unruly tourist couple fled/escaped. It was my mistake that I forgot to click photos of their vehicle.
In future we will close the nave, transept and sanctuary during Religious Services, the tourists can pass by the corridor to pay their respect to Goencho Saib, and only the baptised, if they wish to, will be allowed to partake in mass, but not wedding ceremonies or other anniversaries, such as silver/golden/platinum jubilee or First Holy Communion. I am thankful for the support of SiS Security Services from Okhla who are entrusted in protecting the world heritage monuments and CM Pramod Sawant for taking a stand on our matter. Thank you for understanding!

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Noel Moses Fernandes
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2023
A. Lyndon Pereira - thank you in the first place for having recorded the incident- and at that crucial moment you might have forgotten to record the vehicle no of these unruly idiots - given the very explosive situation it would be natural to bypass this important piece of evidence- the very language and raising slippers and hitting the security at such a sacred place is beyond words- if this same incident had happened in any other religious place of worship ( at the gates / entrance) it would have created a situation where I don’t think they would have escaped in one piece- this and the recent incident at Anjuna throws to light the underlying dangerous situation Goa has descended in recent times

Almost every Indian tourist thinks once in Goa they have no laws to follow - several video clips to this effect have gone viral - drunk driving- openly hanging on the bonnet of SUV- cars keeps endangering the life of locals - pestering foreign tourists for selfies (giving scant regards to the modesty of females) Drinking on beaches/ and other prominent places

I suggest in future - the Right of admission be reserved - if any drunk behaviour is noted / and those not following the norms should be immediately evacuated from the place and further Stern action to this effect should be taken - also the public / security guards should keep their cameras running - it's not only at the Basilica that this has occurred- these cheap filthy idiots do it all over Goa- I hope the cops get hold of this couple - sure some where CCTV footage has recorded their whereabouts- till then let's hope the government acts though
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