Monday, February 6, 2023
Niz Goenkar
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Scales Of Justice Must Never Tilt - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jan 21, 2023
Scales Of Justice Must Never Tilt - By Aires Rodrigues
It was not at all surprising on being told that a trio whose feathers had been ruffled had deviously in revenge conspired to get me convicted on Jan 5th in connection with those alleged social media posts. The mastermind was reportedly a fellow advocate whose ambition to be elevated to the Supreme Court was grounded. But this was on account of his own acts of commission and omission. Had to be just a mere whistle blower as there was realistic concern that the highest court of our nation would be reduced to a den for fixing matters and a trader’s paradise.
All, including some retired Judges, who have read that 72-page long judgement convicting me, are of the unanimous view that it was authored by someone else given the language, length and tenor of the verdict. This was a very sad day for the Judiciary. But this is no matter of concern to me. If at all, it should be in the domain of the High Court to probe it on the administrative level. Fortunately, we have a very robust judicial system to deal effectively with any miscarriage of Justice. Knowing that I am innocent and have been framed, my exhaustive appeal on 49 grounds is now before the Sessions Court which will decide the fate and worthiness of that 5th January judgement. 

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