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CCP Has No Control On Their Contractor? – By Stephen Dias
Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
CCP Has No Control On Their Contractor? – By Stephen Dias
This is a clear cheating done by CCP Contractor on work entrusted to their Contractor for a drainage work near BAL BHAVAN. Many months back the public have seen quite number of cables protruding in the air near Bal Bhavan other side of road closer to Parade ground and when Panjimite and the vehicular drivers made noise quickly they closed the drain area and directed this drain towards other side of this religious tree after closure with the cement blocks.
The work continued from the other side of Bal Bhavan and again a greater number of cables belonging to various government department were found in a mixed arrangement. The CCP Contractor carried with the work after closure of drain. This drain was supposed to direct the storm water into the river Mandovi. When I happened to see this job of drainage of storm water is not culminating in the River, I questioned the Contractor who told me lies that he was asked by CCP to connect to the chamber nearby which he quickly closed the drain and left as it is (see the photo) and possibly pocketed the money after closure of drain gutter.
I am sure that neither the CCP or the Contractor knows the canal going to the river Mandovi as CCP has no proper plans possibly non existing with the authorities. This drain is seen unattended up to a certain point fooling the public that the job is completed. Since the rains have stopped the contractor is lucky that there is no overflowing of water near the end of drainage work but it will surface only during next monsoon. Public can see the photograph clicked by me allegedly pretending to be as chamber which shows that the Contractor has completely cheated the CCP authorities.

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Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
That "religious tree" was an ordinary Banyan tree till the late 1990s when a ghantti named Melwani put a small idol with a shrine under it. The same ghantti Melwani then made a the present brick structure in the 2000s. The structure is a modern illegal ghanttification and needs to be demolished, it's right in the middle of the road and obstructs the flow of traffic.
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