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Casinos Cannot Be Above The Law - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
Casinos Cannot Be Above The Law - By Aires Rodrigues
The Traffic Police now vowing that the No Parking- No stopping on Panjim’s very busy Dayanand Bandodkar Marg would be enforced during IFFI exposes the obvious police nexus with the Casino lobby. Why enforcement only during IFFI when rules and regulations are to be enforced around the year and round the clock. Road traffic violations cannot be enforced on a pick and choose basis according to the whims of their political masters. The law is the law, so casinos and politicians must never be above the law. If you are unable to penalize the blatant violations by Casino vehicles, don’t enforce the traffic rules against ordinary citizens. This blatant mockery of the law and double standards cannot be allowed.
The traffic mayhem merrily created by Casino vehicles with the blessing of their political godfathers and a blind eye from the Police, is nerve wrecking with commuters and citizens of Panjim having to face the brunt. No other State except Sikkim besides Daman & Diu have allowed Casinos to operate. Only Goa’s greedy politicians have fallen prey to the bait allowing the Casinos to be a law to themselves running the gambling trade unregulated and breaching every law while even polluting the river Mandovi. The BJP had once branded Casinos as dens of vice, but now they are ATMs for the ruling politicians with abundant moolah flowing.
Will the rule of law be ever enforced? Making all transactions in Casinos cashless would go a long way to clip the wings of the Casino lobby which is responsible for the social degradation of our State. Gambling with Goa’s fortunes is bad enough but gambling with people’s lives on the roll of a dice is clearly abhorrent and unacceptable!

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