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Dear Readers, our site was hacked for a while. TWO days back there were 48 attacks on the site.
Soccer World Cup Controversy, Oneloive Armband – By A. Veronica Fernandes
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
Regarding the current topic of World Cup controversy on the ban on players wearing “One Love Armbands” to indicate their hatred if not, then their dislike, of the policy of the Qatar to treat the workers in the construction of Stadia and other infrastructure to host the current soccer extravaganza, I support all who are exposing the truth regarding the maltreatment
Mr CM, Goa Is Not A Tourist ‘Parasite’ - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
The major handicap that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant faces is his inability to communicate in English which for a State like Goa is a great predicament. Recently addressing a conference, he is quoted as having said that Goa was a tourist ‘parasite’ instead of saying ‘paradise’. What a gaffe which put us all to shame. Pramod Sawant s
This Is Not Mythical, But A Historically Logical Fact – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
You believe or not it is PURELY CLEAR that Goan Hindus are fully responsible for the establishment of Catholic Church in Goa. The mass conversion happened in Goa is not because of Catholic Priests or Catholic Church, it was because of the rich Hindus the Bammons of the time who invited Portuguese to kill Muslims
Ridding Goa Of Sewage Must Be A Top Priority - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had the rank audacity to falsely claim that Goa was Open Defecation Free (ODF) from 31st August 2019. It is over three long years down the road and the very grimy ground reality is there for all to see with people urinating and even defecating out in the open everywhere. In the hills
November 25, Why Not Say Happy Goa Liberation Day? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Today November 25, completes 512 years of crucial and of great magnitude LIBERATION OF GOA from the Muslim Empire Adil Shahi. Present Hindus of Goa should celebrate this day in a big way that their ancestors used to celebrate. Rescuing Hindus in Goa is not a mythical story; it is a well-documented account of history; the documents are very clearly preserved for
The Basic Tenets Of Our Constitution Are Being Eroded - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Nov 26, 2022
On 26th November we observe our Constitution Day which is also known as National Law Day. We have a lot to reflect on what has been going wrong with the very guiding principles of our Constitution being flouted with impunity. On 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted our Constitution
Independence Of Judiciary Is Vital - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Nov 25, 2022
Justice DY Chandrachud who has taken over as the Chief Justice of India on 9th of this month will have a term of almost two years which should give him enough time to streamline the judiciary and regain its independence which his two immediate predecessors strenuously worked towards after the muck left behind by their three predecessors
The Sancoale Non-Dispute – By Radharao Gracias
Thursday - Nov 24, 2022
Villages in Goa were formed as caste-based clans moved in, and settled down, dividing the land among themselves, retaining the surplus in common ownership. The original settlers came to be called Gaonkars. Records show, that Sancoale village was settled by Gaud Saraswats who were divided into fourteen vangors
With Two Glaring White Elephants Panjim Will Never Be A Smart City - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Nov 24, 2022
Panjim’s first and only multi-level car park at the entrance of the city which was inaugurated amidst much fanfare in November 2016 and has been hardly utilized even during the peak tourist season is a glaring example of slanted planning of the so-called developmental works. We were assured two years ago that all
Growing Older With Goa - By Hriday Ranjan
Wednesday - Nov 23, 2022
I first came to Goa in the year 2010. It was my first ever flight, on Kingfisher Airlines – back when Mr. Mallya was a darling of the media and masses. I had seen Goa in the movies – where people named D’Souza and Rodrigues spoke to each other in anglicised dialogues such as ‘Hey man, tum kya karta hai?’. I had heard rumours that beer in Goa
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