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Uday Bhembre: Crores Of Rupees Are Being Spent On Defectors Who Betray The People Of Goa
Wednesday - Jun 19, 2024
Uday Bhembre: Crores Of Rupees Are Being Spent On Defectors Who Betray The People Of Goa
Panjim: Senior public intellectual and former MLA, Uday Bhembre on Tuesday lamented that crores of rupees of people’s money are being spent over the last nearly two years to fight the case of the eight rebel Congress MLAs, who switched over to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
“These defectors betrayed the trust of the people and made a mockery of the Constitution. Eight MLAs who had won on the nomination (ticket) of one party defected to another party. There is a disqualification petition filed on this issue. It is pending before the Goa Assembly Speaker for nearly two years. There is no need for nearly two years to decide this case. It can be done within a few months. But this is not happening,” Bhembre pointed out.
“In last nearly two years, so many crores have been spent on them. Whose money is this? This is public money. People’s money is being spent on those who have made a fool of them, who have betrayed and made a mockery of the Constitution,” he argued. Referring to the question whether there is a need for a second revolution in Goa, Bhembre said, “When those in authority don’t listen even after people raising this issue, then agitation is the only way out.”
He further said, “This is what Ram Manohar Lohia had told us on June 18, 1946.” Then people have to rise up, come out on the streets to correct the wrongs. Lohia’s 18th June Revolution took place because there were no civil liberties. Lohia and 2,500 leaders and people came out to fight for these liberties in Margao,” Bhembre declared.

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Thursday - Jun 20, 2024
Once again the obsolete Bamonn tries to cover up the part he played in Goa's problems: his own support for ghanttis flooding into Goa so that the native Catholic majority would become a minority in their own homeland, his own cover-up of Dayanand Bandodkar's real origins (tried to pose Bandodkar as the illegitimate son of some Portuguese, when both of Bandodkar's parents were illegal immigrants from Maharashtra - they were also from kollvont community and therefore illegitimate children of Marathi Bamonns), his own support of the degradation of the educational system to cater to 77 IQ Marathi ghantti children (it's also how Portuguese mentality got replaced by Third World ghantti mentality), etc. "Sickular Catlick" Goans got fooled by his anti-merger rhetoric when it was just a case of Bamonns trying to control both sides of the argument, so that no matter what the result of the Opinion Poll the Bamonns could still try to lord it over Goa. Now that normal Goans know what pre-Portuguese Hindu society was really like, nobody wants Bamonns to have a say in anything - Bamonns only try to ruin Goan society from within.
Menino Cardozo
Wednesday - Jun 19, 2024
Thank You, Adv., your fearless awareness helps us to understand the present situation better
Shivdas Naik
Wednesday - Jun 19, 2024
To renovate the social and political face of our smart region called GOA, such important information to present generation is of vital cause, the cause of making our Goa more bright in all angles excluding the old paint of bias and ugly political achievements by the fundamentalist and Hindu fanatics who are striving to divide the Indian society into class and cast and revive the most dangerous orders of Manusmriti the horror of our lives in.

So now it is time to face the dirty and Ugly Army so-called Hindus patriarch sitting at top of power making unwanted show at the premises of Swami Vivekananda's feet in South India
Rupesh Pednekar
Wednesday - Jun 19, 2024
Yes, these Goykar MLAs are all chor, only want to make money. The man who ranks first is Mauvin Godinho, 2nd rank holder Churchill Alemao, 3rd rank holder Michael Lobo, 4th rank holder Vishwajit Rane then the others follow them. Above all the electors are the biggest rogues who sell their rights for mere 500 rupees and elect these rogues to power and get looted but still shamelessly continue electing them.
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