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Father Strangles His Two Little Children With A Nylon Rope
Sunday - Jan 8, 2023
Father Strangles His Two Little Children With A Nylon Rope
Candolim: The whole of Goa has been shaken by the double murder of two innocent children that took place in Orda-Candolim on Saturday night while the New Year celebrations were still in full swing in the state. After this unfortunate incident, the father of the dead children reportedly hanged himself from the tree behind his house. The entire village has gone into mourning after this incident. As per the available information, the Calangute police have sent all three dead bodies to the Goa Medical Hospital, Bambolim, for post-mortem examination.
Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector General of Police Bosco George, who arrived at the scene, told reporters that the killing of the minor children has been registered as an immoral death, and this incident will be investigated from the perspective of murder. Both the children were reportedly strangled with a nylon rope and the same rope has been suspected to have been used by the father, Joy Fernandes, to hang himself.
Joy Fernandes is associated with the tiatr circle and was well-known among the tiatr lovers of the state. He also worked at the Kala Akademi sponsored Tiatr Academy for five years, during the tenure of former Calangute MLA and deputy speaker Tomazinho Cardoso. He was also active for a long time in the activities of the village church as well as on the Calangute group committee of a national party.
Among the minor children of Fernandes, the elder daughter Anania Fernandes was studying in a reputed high school in Dona Paula while the younger son Joseph was studying in a private kindergarten in Porvorim. Joy's wife Ernia Pereira e Fernandes works as a teacher in a reputed high school in Mercês.
As per the available information, on the day of the murders, Ernia had returned home around 2 pm on Saturday as she was going to attend a wedding ceremony. She had bid farewell to both her children and her husband Joy Fernandes. By 10 pm, when she returned home, she was struck by this tragic news. As soon as the news of this tragedy spread in the village, the locals flocked to Fernandes' residence last night.

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Reinaldo Sá
Saturday - Feb 25, 2023
Bustard goans want to kill wife.
Sunday - Jan 15, 2023
The husband was jobless for NINE years?! This statement contradicts the main article's statement that he was involved in tiatr industry. It's also a warning to Goans in the coastal belt to start looking out for each other and help unemployed Goans get jobs (just like ghanttis and Goan libtards help more ghanttis to move to Goa and work here). Lack of meaningful employment and income can cause a man to go crazy ("An idle mind is the devil's workshop").
Menino de Valpoi
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
From the news just received from Goa, it is learnt that the father got frustrated, because he had asked his wife to take the children to the wedding due to the pressure from the children but the wife refused and then all the commotion took place. This is the exact information that I just got via phone. The children wanted to go for the wedding, the husband wanted her to take them. His requests also were turned down by the wife. This is what the person who is from closeby vicinity of their residence told me.
Menino Fernandes
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Yes you are right Ignatius bab, but I have not blamed her I have only used IFs and BUTs. She is teaching in a school, that was my first school in my life, when I was a kid of 5 years. I had checked out with my cousin too, before putting up the comment. But we have to calculate all ifs and buts, because there cannot be smoke without fire. But still other problems in life are not an excuse to commit such heinous acts.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Mel and Menino bab, I am sorry, wife is not to be blamed. I checked with my friends from Candolim and they informed me that his wife was a teacher and a decent lady. The man was jobless for almost 9 years and there were fights in the house every day. This is a act of frustration.
Menino de Valpoi
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Yes Mel bab, I agree with you, killing two innocent children and committing suicide even out of frustration is no justification for this act. He could have tackled the wife, if it is her fault or if she defied her husband. Why the innocent children. Though it is a lesson for the wife IF she is faulty, such an act should not be repeated by anyone else.
Tuesday - Jan 10, 2023
Very sad..absolutely repugnant and there's no justification, to take the lives of two innocent kids. I noticed some writers blaming the wife. So if that's the case, why not take it out on her? What manhood is this, to harm two innocent kids??

Father was a sick pisso and anyone who blames his wife is halfway down the same route..
Alcantro Carneiro
Monday - Jan 9, 2023
@Ignatius Dias, I have gut feelings that this must be due to the nature of the wife, who must have disobediently gone for the wedding and there of course, ladies who are alone dance with any tom, dick and harry.
Nolan Dias
Monday - Jan 9, 2023
It has to do something with the mother for sure. The wife of Roy must have gone for a wedding against the wishes of her husband, defying him all along. That must have created a frustrating environment. This is the problem with wives, specially when then are allowed to work by the husband. They feel the pinch of money coming in and try to sit on the husband's head. There has to be a catch in this somewhere. Why did she not take the kids and husband for the wedding? She must have danced with different guys, and that imagination in the mind of the husband led to all this.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Monday - Jan 9, 2023
It is a sad and pathetic incident. Children were strangulated and father commits suicide as per the police report.

What was the reason behind it. Is it because father was jobless or mother.....?
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