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Who Is That Powerful Ghost In The CM’s Office? - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
Who Is That Powerful Ghost In The CM’s Office? - By Aires Rodrigues
The Goa Government ought to make public the complete details of that extra-constitutional authority that has been managing and virtually running the Chief Minister’s office since July 2020. The mysterious Dr. Ms Pratibha from Maharashtra, a very low-profile hand-picked RSS nominee, a social scientist with PhD from RSS supported Govt funded Deendayal Research Centre at Mumbai has been on deputation to Goa by RSS Headquarters in Nagpur from July 2020.
How she suddenly landed in Goa in the midst of that pandemic is something concealed which only Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Goa BJP Chief Sadanand Tanawade would possibly know.  Dr Ms Pratibha who is not sworn to any oath of secrecy is the most powerful person in the Chief Minister’s office having access to all top-secret official files, documents, cabinet papers and clears them while even summoning and presiding over the meetings of IAS officers while also attending State government’s   budget meetings. Many IAS officers are reportedly demoralized due to her regular uncalled-for interference. That controversial ‘Bhumiputra’ legislation was apparently her baby.
She has emerged as a very powerful extra constitutional authority in Goa with a hotline access to the RSS bosses in Nagpur while the Goa Ministers, Officials and the public have no clue about the terms and conditions of her appointment or her duties. It has been alleged that she has been meddling in routine administration and eliminating persons not sympathetic or subscribing to the RSS ideology. The people of Goa are entitled to know the complete details and the role of this extra constitutional authority operating in our State under a veil of Secrecy. They are footing the bill for her salary and expenses no doubt.

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Govind Gaonkar
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
Goans should be paying it for now for electing wrong people to the office.
Stephen D'Souza
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
It is already alleged that RSS nominees have now infiltrated into all govt institutions and ministries both within and outside the country. Reason why it's now boiled down to a fight between two ideologies
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